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  • Aggression In Cats

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    Some cats are just not sociable enough to get along with other felines. The most usual reason would be that they are under socialized. Nope, this doesn’t refer to a new form of government or society they didn’t grow with learning how to play along with others nicely. She is lacking in feline socialization skills. This is common with cats who are isolated from other pets when they grew up. And when they suddenly find themselves, with other cats, the unknown will stress them out causing the errant behavior. Cats are simple beings who prefer consistency and hate disruptions. Bring them somewhere new and they will stay in her cage for days until she is ready to explore the new environment. Moreover, cats can be territorial, with some marking their territory with urine. Be careful when cats might have territories that overlap. If you have concerns about your pet health and/or behavior, make an appointment with your pet hospital Hudson Valley, NY.