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WordPress For E-Commerce

Why is WordPress simply a great solution for e-commerce businesses?

With the rise of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Magento have become popular among businesses. There are many e-commerce platforms to choose from such as Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop etc. and most of these are considered ideal for an e-commerce store.

WordPress For E-Commerce

WordPress can also work as an e-commerce platform but unfortunately has been ignored by many users due to work needed to run a WordPress based e-commerce store. WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging but many people are not aware of its true capabilities. As compared to other e-commerce platforms it is pretty cheap even after factoring in potential plugins and app purchases. Cortney Fletcher’s eCom babes course cost is also very affordable and will teach you how to create your own website from the top down without any complications.

There are many plugins available which can convert your website into an online shop. And most major online platforms have a WordPress plugin of their own. In addition to this WordPress integrates well with payment providers such as Paypal and also supports email newsletters, auto responders without any issues.

Here are some Pros and Cons of WordPress as an online shopping platform:


  • Best solution for websites which require a content management system
  • Completely free as compared to other paid e-commerce store solutions.
  • WordPress has a well-established community of developers and there is plenty of learning material available on web for newbies.
  • Integrates with almost all other web applications and payment providers.
  • Easy installation and most web hosting providers offer 1 click installation.
  • Large number of themes and plugins available.


  • Frequent attacks on WordPress bases sites due to many security loopholes. Although WordPress is updated regularly but due to its popularity and security flaws it’s quite easy for hackers to attack WordPress based sites. In e-commerce businesses security is of prime importance and due to its security flaws many business owners avoid using WordPress as a shopping platform.
  • WordPress was not built as an e-commerce platform and due to this reason it lacks many common features available in other e-commerce platforms such as Magento. Although developers have built a large number of plugins and themes for WordPress but using many themes and plugins slow down the site and for online shops with large numbers of orders everyday this can create problems.

Like any other online platform WordPress has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s suitable for small e-commerce stores which say process around 20-30 orders every day. But if you are looking for processing hundreds of orders everyday then it’d be better to choose another e-commerce platform like Shopify. You can the look for Shopify support companies to have experts consistently monitor your site and so that you can reach out for help whenever you need it can give you great peace of mind.

The main issue is that WordPress was developed as a content management system and not as an e-commerce platform. But with times WordPress has improved a lot and in the not too distant future it can become a serious contender in the e-commerce niche too.

Do you agree that WordPress for E-commerce works?


  • Kevin M. Schoen

    WordPress security measures are now getting stronger day by day. Business Plugins are introduced to make any business safe and secure and many best security plugins are available now through which our eCommerce site would be safe from hackers.

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