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Website Design – Is It Best To Use a WordPress Template Or Go Bespoke? Part 2

What is a Bespoke WordPress Template?

A bespoke template is a website that has been created from scratch. To start off with you will need to find a web-designer who is able to take on your project. It’s generally a good idea to use a company or person who specialises in WordPress. Take a look at their own website, do you like the design? Are there any testimonials or examples in their portfolio? Have they used a Wordpress Template or Go Bespoke?

You will begin by designing the site and most web-design companies will either have an in-house graphic designer to do this or they will be able to outsource this stage to someone they regularly work with. You’ll need to provide a bit of information to get the ball rolling – colour schemes and examples of websites you like will be helpful. One of the larger items that’ll you probably want a good deal of input in helping to design is your website logo. The logo is usually the first thing someone will see when they visit the site, so it’s important that you choose a design that represents your brand. Once they have this information, the web-designer will be able to give you mock-ups of the site for you to see and tweak accordingly.

Next, the site will be constructed and then tested. Once the site is up and running you’ll probably be allowed a limited number of revisions where you’ll be able to make smaller changes to the site e.g. colour changes or minor layout alterations.

Advantages of bespoke WordPress templates include:

  • Built to order – As the site is built according to your exact instructions, it will be a perfect fit for whatever use you had in mind and will be in a style you like.
  • Less hassle – All you need to do is plan the website and the developer will do all the hard work for you.

Disadvantages include:

  • Much more expensive – Whether you’re paying by the hour or are quoted for the whole job, a bespoke template will be much more expensive than a pre-built one.
  • Time consuming – Finding a suitable developer and then meeting to plan the site can take days or weeks and the site itself will take much longer to build than if you use a template.


Which is the Best Choice?

Choosing between the two can be quite a difficult decision in some situations, but for most people it will be relatively simple. A pre-built theme is an ideal choice for you if you’re:

  • Using a tried & tested format – Things like blogs or small online stores are perfect for WordPress themes because, as there are so many websites geared towards these kinds of activities, there is a strong demand for these types of themes. This results in a large number of authors creating themes specifically for these purposes.
  • Working to a tight budget – With such a low barrier to entry, you can start a website for a fraction of the amount it would cost to build one from scratch. All you need to get started is a domain name, hosting and a WordPress theme. So, for under a £100 you could be up and running!

A bespoke template is great for people who:

  • Need a unique look – If you want a website that is completely different from any others you definitely need to steer clear from templates. For example, you might be operating a small online boutique in a niche area and need a different look in order to differentiate your offerings compared to your average online store.
  • Have complex functionalities – If you have a new idea for a site and it’s something which hasn’t really been done before e.g. Twitter or Facebook, then you’ll need a custom website.

By looking at the information above you should be able to make a decision on what’s best for you and your situation but whichever option you choose you’ll be able to find more help and advice by visiting https://twoggle.com.



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