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Video Content Marketing In 2017

Video is officially leading the pack in content marketing. Per a recent survey conducted by ANIMOTO, an ability to create video is the most desirable marketing skill to be in possession of. I must admit, this revelation made me slightly nervous. On examination of why my palms were sweating at the thought of video content marketing, I realised it was primarily based around my lack of (absolutely none) knowledge on the subject.

Video Content - Marketing of 2017

But then I looked to the gods of video; Joe Wicks, AKA the Body Coach and of course the MOZ crew and their White Board Friday offerings. Joe Wicks videos are anything but professionally made; least they weren’t when he started out. He described how he made his lean in 15 videos before; iPhone in one hand, while the other is used to sloppily rustle up his quick healthy meals. His success has been phenomenal and he has gone on to write many books, which have all been bestsellers. By no means was Joe a fantastic film maker; he just had a quirky idea, some catchy phrases and a banging bod. His unique selling point was that his offering was completely different than anything else that was out there when he started. Would he have had the same success by blogging his recipe ideas? Perhaps not.

Similarly, the MOZ guys have great success with their Whiteboard Friday tutorials. They basically consist of the tutor and a whiteboard; no fancy set, no technical camera work. It’s selling point is the subject matter, explained by the presenter in a fun and easy to follow way.

On reflection of this, it seems I don’t need to sweat, but I do need to jump into some video blogging action. Luckily for you, I have done some groundwork on the types of beginner video marketing you can engage in. EASY.PEASY.GUIDE.RIGHT.HERE.


OK so before you pull out the tripod and enlist the help of some struggling actors, why not tap into the resources that you have at your disposal. Snapchat is a great way to entice your audience to your website or blog page. You will need to have a bit of a Snapchat following to start with, so tease your snappies (is that what they are called?) with something tantalising enough to draw to your site. This is a bit of a chicken/egg situation in creating an audience that will engage with you on several different mediums. Which medium do you start with?


I see many influencers doing a superb job of using lots of mediums simultaneously, for example stating on Facebook that they are going to announce something big on Snapchat. They have their audience engaged on every video content marketing level, which is fantastic. It really is about juggling a couple of balls, so to speak, and ensuring that you maintain engagement on all your forums. Anyway, I am slightly digressing here; the point is that Snapchat is a nifty way to see if video marketing is for you.

Facebook Live is a live streaming function so again, an old video amateur can use it. Perhaps you can tap into this to show a new product you are about to launch, or to give little introductions to other team members. Keep it light and fun. And short. It’s unlikely that many people are going to watch a live stream that exceeds a couple of minutes.


Instead of asking your client for a written testimonial, why don’t you film them giving it? It doesn’t involve putting your own smush on the big screen, and it is a type of content that your audience can trust in. Another nifty little video you could make is a presentation of your product offerings (if you are a business) ; think short, snappy yet informative. Its unique, and more fun than reading through heaps of content.

Have you got any ideas for some video content marketing for beginners? Let us know.

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