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Using Social Media Effectively

Social Media, Is it Really Profitable and Productive?

It can be! When used appropriately social media management and marketing can be both profitable and productive. Although, if not managed properly can have the opposite effect, reducing productivity or profitability, or both. So, how can you make the most of using social media marketing effectively? Keep reading and we’ll tell you!

Social media is great for businesses – you can grow your audience quickly, it can help you gain new clients, it can even be your cheapest form of marketing. But it can also be your company’s biggest production killer! It’s often too easy to switch from a business to a personal account, and while you’re there why not see what’s going on, on your personal Facebook page, right? WRONG!

Using social media effectively

Sure, your friends may post things that are funny, more interesting, air their dirty laundry, or pose a thought-provoking daydream session, but those things are what you’re supposed to be publishing on your business site, not looking at personally! (No dirty laundry though!) In essence, you’re wasting company time being non-productive and non-profitable. If you’re in the social media marketing department or individual responsible for content creation and management, and NOT the owner of the business, you might just want to re-evaluate your priorities or find other employment soon, because you’re going to get canned! (At least if your boss is observant that is!)

So, how do you research other areas of relevance?

How do you find things to share that your audience might enjoy, how do you decide when enough is enough?

The first thing to keep in mind, is that for every minute you spend scouring social media, you’re not working productively on something else. For those whose job it is to research and scour, if the time spent researching is not yielding results, it’s ineffective!

When you’re formulating content to share on your business page through any means of social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or any other platform, you must compile information that people will want to share, or that they’ll share as a means of retaining to read later. Publishing content that is related to your client’s interests will peak their interest in your services that can help them achieve their business goals. In turn they share the content and their audience is now exposed to your products and services.

When you’re re-sharing content of others because it relates to your clients, you’re showing them that you have an interest in their business. You earn “brownie points” unknowingly, and are called upon when needed simply for providing a pro-active approach to reaching your client base.

Keep in mind though, the process of scrolling your Facebook wall or Twitter feed is strikingly similar to that of other users, stopping only when something catches your attention, and scrolling past the rest.

Set a 2 minute timer and scroll through one of your social media accounts. Keep track of how many times something grabs your attention, vs. how many times that attention grabbing item causes you to click. Now apply the results to your users, would the typical click rate still apply based on your content?

If not, set a 5 minute timer and look through your page to see what type of posts are receiving the most likes, comments, shares, or other form of interaction. Use that type of posting style to get the most out of your audience.

Now, set a timer for a specific period of time and create content for your page that will engage your users. Make sure you include a stand-out headline and relevant image that captures your audience’s attention and causes them to stop what they’re doing to seek more information.

The key is to produce captivating information, convey it in an action provoking manner, in a short period of time, and continue with your day. So, when your timer goes off, sign out and move on! This will help you ensure that your social media contributions are both productive and profitable for your business.


What are your experiences with using social media effectively?

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