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Top 8 Social Media Plugins For WordPress – Part 2

Following on from part one of top 8 social media plugins, here are five more of the best social media plugins for WordPress:

4. Sharedaddy

Once just a lonely, standalone plugin, Sharedaddy has now been welcomed into the folds of the Jetpack plugin. It offers out of the box support for all the major networks with the added extra of allowing your visitors to share articles via email and even print them out. It can be placed anywhere on the site, including the home page, archive pages, search results, posts and media.

As it’s now included in the Jetpack plugin, you’ll also get some extra goodies such as: anti-spam enabled forms, an URL shortener, site activity notifications and a widget for displaying recent tweets.

Cost: Free

5. Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress

With a gorgeous appearance and a brilliant user interface, Facebook Likebox slider is the best social slider plugin available on the WordPress platform. Although it is a paid plugin, it offers something a little bit special and you have the fall-back of 24-hour support if you ever need it. It supports all kinds of devices so your mobile or tablet users won’t have to miss out, and you won’t miss out on likes and shares as a result! Despite what it’s name might suggest, the plugin does indeed support all of the major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn.

Cost: $15

6. Twitter Slider & Usercard for WordPress

Unlike the Facebook Likebox, the Twitter Slider stays true to its name and only supports one social network – Twitter. It is a more traditional style of slider in that it’s actually placed within the existing content of your site and not offset to the side, top or bottom. With a fully responsive design, easy customisation, horizontal or vertical orientation and nice mouse over animations, it makes a very nice display option for your tweets. Another great feature is the ability to display tweets from several different sources including those from a user, a search or a hashtag. It also allows you to select whether or not to display avatars along with tweets. If you’re an active user of Twitter (which you should be!) then this is one not to be missed!

Cost: $14

7. Shareplus +

This is an impressive plugin for a number of reasons, with one of the major ones being that it has been coded in a way that’ll ensure future compatibility. For those who speak tech, the plugin can be used on both static and dynamic sites, as it has been designed around jQuery, HTML5 and CSS and will therefore be easy to customise if you want to go down that path too. It costs just $10.

Other plus points of Shareplus+ include:

  • It operates as a popup, which means that it won’t detract from the look of your site if you’ve gone for a minimalist style.
  • Easy to setup with just a three-step configuration.
  • A well designed admin panel and the choice of five different themes for the front-end.
  • Allows you to use Google Analytics to track the social sharing activity

Cost: $10

8. Woof

Top 8 Social Media Plugins for WordPress Part 2

Saving the best ’til last, this is perhaps one of the most impressive social sharing plugins in the list and may seem to operate through the use of magic to most users – Woof enables you to load your entire WordPress website inside your Facebook page! This is a brilliant feature to have, as your users are then able to view, browse and share your website all without having to leave Facebook, which should dramatically improve the engagement of your social users. It is available for, what we consider to be, the very reasonable price of $18.

Cost: $18


By using a few of these plugins on your WordPress site, you should hopefully see a surge of activity. If cost is an issue then get the ball rolling by installing one of the free plugins we’ve listed!


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