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Top 5 Tips To Ensure Clean Data Entry

If your data is missing information or has particular information mentioned multiple times, making no sense whatsoever, then you have a dirty data entry problem. Dirty data can be defined as data that is inaccurate, inconsistent, redundant, and incoherent. It is usually caused due to human error, but systems are also not innocent in this matter.

Top 5 tips to ensure Clean Data Entry

Data defined important aspects of your business. It is what helps the business make important decisions that can mean the difference between profit and losses. With bad, unclean data, you can only expect an unmitigated disaster that can sink the entire ships, costing millions of dollars in losses.

Such errors can occur in all fields of business. Hence, an eCommerce business outsources eCommerce product data entry services to avoid the issue of dirty data. Businesses that deal with unclean data also have to deal with low productivity, low revenues, wasted time, and ultimately insolvency.

Clean data entry is the need of the hour. However, even after automated software assisting us with the task, the problems still persist. So how do we ensure clean data entry?
With the following carefully designed 5 tips, you will be able to uphold the standards of data quality and avoid any mistakes whatsoever.

5 Tips for Clean Data Entry

Data Scrubbing

Data scrubbing is the essential data cleansing tip on this list. Before importing data into any of your systems, make sure to scrub it. It is a wise idea always to scrub data while importing it from one device to another. This way, you ensure that you’re not just transferring dirty data from one place to another.

Before importing, make sure the data you are importing, such as customs records, is accurate. The best way to scrub data is through spreadsheets. You can also convert Apple contact into CSV, open it in spreadsheets, and continue scrubbing.

Update Information

This required you to be proactive. Always update your information as and when required. Do not let it be. For e.g., if you have just gotten off a phone with a prospect, enter his information right away instead of waiting for an auspicious occasion.

This will help you stay ahead of the curve. Your database is also populated with relevant, up-to-date information. Remove old obsolete information. Its existence in your database can lead to blunders in the future that could have been easily avoided.

Combine Duplicate Data

Duplicate data can be a headache. Having multiple information for the same contact person is a common yet frustrating problem. This issue can originate at import. The problem, of course, can also be human in nature, occurring when you unknowingly enter the same details in the database again.

Fortunately, there are tools in place that help in finding duplicate content. You can use automated systems that alert of duplicate content, and rectify the error it the alert is legit.

Validate the Accuracy of Your Data

Now, how can you verify the accuracy of your data? The answer can be found in many advanced data verification tools that are available in the market today. Find those tools that have the ability to verify emails and other important information.

Having effective verifying tools can help in efficient marketing. You can, of course, verify your data online; however, it will take a lot of manual work to get the job done. Choose a tool that takes your data through the web, human, and email verification before stamping the sigh of validated on it.

Filter for Missing Information

Your data is no good if critical information regarding it is missing. Make sure all your leads have their contact details like email and phone numbers. There are softwares in the market like Daylite that allow you to use the filter option to alert you of missing information automatically.

You need to have software to take care of this issue. Without it, you have a hard chance of ever finding out whether any information is missing or not. It will result in you entering incomplete information into the database, causing confusion further down the line.

Apart from contacts, you can also filter out other important information like the next project, the designation of your lead, or the progress of a particular operation.

The Bottom Line

All the above tips, if followed diligently, can work wonders in you never ever facing the problem of dirty data again in your life. Get your hands on the latest tools, such as 8×8 Phones, to ensure you take full advantage of the opportunity at hand to keep your data clean.

If you are looking for an alternative to managing data in-house, then I highly recommend you outsource the service to a third-party firm. In fact, it might be a wiser decision to make, considering the cost-cutting benefits of outsourcing. When going for an offshore firm, research its reputation and good standing in the industry.

Go through their reviews and ask friends and colleagues for references. We hope the above process will successfully help you with data quality management.

About the Author: Patricia Dolan

Patricia is a Senior Content Marketing Strategist working for Perfect Data Entry, an offshore data entry company that is lauded in the industry for their top-quality outsourcing services and unparalleled price. Company assists you outsource ecommerce data entry services like ecommerce product listing service, customer support, etc. Throughout her long reputable experience working as a content strategist, she has helped her company create content that both engages and converts prospects into loyal clients. Over the years Patricia has been the recipient of many accomplishments and rewards.

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