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Top 3 Usability Plugins For WordPress

 User experience is central to success of a website/blog but unfortunately this is ignored even by experienced webmasters. WordPress based websites have been often cited as having horrible usability and navigation. Now in itself there is nothing wrong with wordpress and it remains the best platform to build a website.

In addition to its ease of use wordpress also has thousands of plugins available which can perform almost any task. WordPress based sites also experience same usability issues of broken links, slow loading, navigation issues as faced by other website platforms. But thankfully there are tools available to deal with these issues and most of the common usability problems can be solved by simply installing a wordpress plugin. Here are top 3 usability plugins which are a must have for every wordpress based website.

W3 Total Cache:


Slow loading websites can destroy user experience and this is often cited as the most common reason why a visitor pushes the back button and goes to a competitor site. W3 Total Cache fasts up your website by reducing loading time. It uses caching technology and can also be configured to work with Content Delivery Network (CDN) which can significantly reduce your site’s loading time.

Content delivery networks uses cloud technology to save your websites data and these have regional servers for rendering data on demand. So, when a user accesses your website from North America North American server of content delivery network fulfills his request and provides him the webpage. In this way content delivery networks minimize the time lag which occurs when people access a website based on a server located somewhere else.

Provide Support Live Chat:


 Many users like to talk with website administration and get answers to their questions in real time. But sadly very few websites are equipped with live chatting software. Provide Support Live Chat is a free plugin which provides Live Chat opportunity to your website visitors.

You can also use this plugin to interact with your visitors and conduct mini surveys. User feedback is essential if you want to improve user experience. So, install this plugin and ask your visitors what they think about your website.

WP Touch:


 Having a mobile version of your website is essential. Normal websites are not designed to be displayed on smaller devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. WP touch is a free plugin which can generate a mobile version of your website. It has been repeatedly voted as the most useful and popular wordpress plugin.

In addition it also works with AJAX and supports JavaScript. It’s the best solution for people who want a mobile version of their website without spending a fortune. If you are satisfied with your free version and want more functionality then you can go for a premium version.

User experience separates great websites from mediocre ones and no website has succeeded without improving this important metric. These plugins are must have if you want to improve usability and convert your one time visitors into lifelong customers.

What are your favorite WordPress plugins?

This post was written by Gerry Vanto who writes for twoggle.com on SEO, WordPress and other things web-related.

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