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Tools To Measure Your Online Presence

Having an online presence is one thing but measuring its performance is quite another. You spend hours writing blogs, crafting beautiful web content and tailoring newsletters for distribution. This is a wonderful waste of effort if you are not measuring your return on investment so to speak. Any would be online marketer needs to understand the value of measuring their output; that is their web traffic. This blog discusses the different options available to keep tabs on how you are performing with great tools to measure your site’s presence.

Tools To Measure Your Online Presence

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is pretty damn fantastic. Did I mention it is also free? Google Analytics is the ultimate tool in measuring your web traffic; where it is coming from, when it is coming and from what sort of devices. This information is incredibly precious as it helps you build a picture of your audience, hence allowing you to better streamline your content based on demand. Its Multi- Channel function allows you to see which of your campaigns is faring best, so that you can funnel your marketing budget into channels that are giving return on investment. There is even a funky little Analytics Academy where you can learn lots of valuable tools about utilising Google Analytics to the best of its ability.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a really cool one, and quite frankly it has the ability to give even the shyest of characters an inflated ego. The premise is simple; google will notify you by email when your name is mentioned somewhere online. When I say name, I mean whatever you want; business name or even your area of expertise. The reason you might choose your skills as the buzz word so to speak is to keep abreast of any developments in your field; or any work for that matter. This tool is not as solid as Google Analytics but it is good as general indicator of your presence (if any) amongst the pages of google and the web.


Hootsuite is pretty well established and its name will ring a bell for even the techie virgins. Hootsuite is a social media management system, which allows the user to manage all social media accounts through this one incredible marketing tool. The immediately obvious benefit of this, is the ease of deciphering which medium is and isn’t working for your business. Hootsuite really has the market all wrapped up, with massive businesses such as Jetstar utilising it. For the small players (raise your hands) it offers a multitude of functions that may serve your business well. You can schedule your posts, track what your potential and current customers are saying about you, and most importantly measure the impact of your campaigns. There is a 30 day trial option which may be worth a look. What is that famous saying? Oh yes – The only regret is the regret of doing nothing. Very apt here.

Web Hostess with the Mostess!

Do you run a blog or a small online business? Who is your webhost? You know those techie guys that have you up and running, but you are not really sure what they do?  Yep, those guys! You are paying them a monthly fee right? You know that they hold the key to all of your website data. Just holla at them. Have you enlisted the fantabulous services of Twoggle? Did they create a super rad WordPress blog for you? Well then you might know some of the really talented dudes that offer hosting services for very reasonable prices.  Twoggle are stoked to recommend Hostgator, Bluehost and Inmotion all for your hosting pleasure. Never has web traffic monitoring been so easy.


What tools for monitoring can you suggest? We’d love to hear your comments below.


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