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Simple DIY Cabinet Hardware Repairs For Your Home

Cabinet provides play a vital role for your home. These pieces of hardware not only serve as storage space, but they are also a core component of your kitchen and bathroom, being that they are essential to both their form and function. In terms of repairs, cabinets are also one of the most costly to do.

Wear and tear is only natural for cabinet hardware, especially the older ones that you have since they usually perform their duties for years. Sometimes it’s the little things that make repairing one problematic. Good thing is that there are simple solutions that you can do. Visit this site to find the best single panel glass shower door you can install at home to add more character to it.

This article has what you need to deal with your current cabinet hardware situation. Here are simple DIY cabinet hardware repairs for your home.

Simple DIY Cabinet Hardware Repairs For Your Home

Surface damage

When touching-up the surface of your cabinets, you can match the color of it’s finish to make it look brand new. If you are planning to use the manufacturer’s original paint or stain colors be aware that the finish may have already faded over time.
If your wood cabinets have cracks or split parts, clamping and gluing will do. But for deep gouges and some irreparable damages, it will take more effort. For a deep gouge, you must clean the damaged wood then fill the area with epoxy. Allow it to dry and then you can sand and stain or paint to match.

Fixing cabinet doors

When dealing with misaligned double doors, remember to perfect one door before adjusting the second. If the door is flush and parallel with other doors but is too high or low, use mounting screws to raise or lower the mounting plates. Some mounting plates adjust by just turning a single screw.

For hinges that have depth screws, with most, you have to loosen the screw then nudge the door in or out before tightening it again. In some cases, you have to loosen the depth screw to slightly adjust the side screw so you can move the door from side to side. While you’re at it, you can check for replacement cabinet handles which serve as the enhancement part of your cabinet. Checking out cabinet handles in the Philippines as a basis is a good tip.

Banging doors

If you have cabinet doors that make loud sounds, then you can silence them by putting drawer bumpers. Make sure that the back of the door is clean so the bumpers will stick. Place one at the top and another at the bottom for it to work.

Stuck drawer

A drawer or sliding shelf that off its track is difficult to remove without causing more damage. Try working the thin blade of a putty knife between the runner and the drawer and gently tap the backline. If successful, the drawer will pop back in place and you can remove it.
Now that you know these simple DIY tips, you can now fix your cabinet hardware yourself. Allot some time in your leisure time to work on it so you won’t be bothered when you use them.

Author’s Bio:

Rosette has a knack for anything DIY. She spent her younger years learning about the different hardware tools and equipment in the hopes of establishing a hardware business in the future. Her career options may have changed, but today, she continues to write so passionately about her first love.

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