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SEO for WordPress – What Every Blogger Should Know

Starting your own blog is not at all a difficult task especially if you have opted for WordPress. It is one of the most fabulous CMS platforms you will ever come across and getting started is quite simple. This is the reason that more and more people are now using WordPress for their blogs to reach maximum audience. But mere having a blog will not fulfill the purpose as you need to optimize it for search engine ranking too.

SEO for WordPress – What Every Blogger Should Know

Now there are lots of people who have started blogging and do not know anything about SEO. This can definitely prove fatal for your blog as it will lose its visibility and not many people will come to know about it, making you as a blogger a little redundant. So it is very important that you write for the people but at the same time focus on SEO as well. This will be helpful as you will be able to see a drastic increase in the traffic and more people will show interest in it.

Search engine optimization is a very wide topic and there are so many things covered in it but as a blogger you need to know everything. A little or basic knowledge is enough to understand SEO and integrate it in your blogs. So here are some of the essential things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your blog works well.

URL structure

It is necessary that the structure of the URL is complete and has important keywords included in it. This is because such a URL structure will have a huger chance to rank well in the search engines. Also make sure that it is not too long. If you are using WordPress then date automatically gets added to the URL so change the same by going into Settings. From there select the Post Name button so that the URL structure will now pick the heading of your post. With this little change you will be able to make all the URL’s unique.

URL Structure - Scale of URL readability

Internal linking

Just like it is crucial to have links from other sources similarly you need to link within your articles as well. This is one of the most effective ways of internal linking and takes the reader directly to the desired page. Now a question arises that how many links should be there in every post. As per the rule 3 links are enough in 500 words article. Adding more links will just spoil the overall look and flow of the article. By internal linking you can drive huge amounts of traffic towards the different pages of your blog.

Internal Linking

Optimizing images

Whether it is the website or a blog, the images play a big role in seeking the attention of the people. But if you wish to accomplish both the traffic and high ranking then optimising the images is necessary. For this you need to keep in mind the three things.

Optimizing Images

Usually it happens that the robot.txt file may prevent the crawlers from viewing the pages so in that case you need to make a few changes in the txt file and see how the pages now come into search. If you are using WordPress then you might face problem in editing the file so it will be good if you download the plugin and make the desired changes.

Add social signals to your blog


This is one thing that you should definitely do for your blog. In the present time the social networks have become very crucial in grabbing the attention of the people so adding them can make a lot of difference. WordPress provides you with many plugins that can be used for this purpose. You can have a look at the different plugins and see which one is apt and will serve the purpose. Using the plugins you can go for customization as well which improves the overall look of your blog. Also there are tons of options available to try and experiment in your blog. On the twoggle blog we use Social Warfare – doesn’t it look great?!

Interesting post titles

As we all know that “first impression is the last one” so make sure your titles are eye catching and clear enough to seek the attention of the people. Once they find the title to be attractive they will definitely have a look at the post. Clarity of words is important and make sure the title is complete in its own.

If you are able to add all the above things to your wordpress blog, there is no doubt that huge traffic will come to your blog and you will gain a higher ranking too. So do understand these points and integrate them.


Author bio – Lauren McLaren is an SEO expert with 5 years of experience. She is associated with a leading Seo company in Australia – Digital Muscle. When she is not helping businesses grow online, she researches trends in the SEO and online marketing industry.

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