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How To Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn – 4 Steps To Massive Traffic

Launched in 2003, providing professional social communication services and housing a successful network of 433 million accounts, Linkedin has established solid footings within the business stream.


How To Promote Your Blog On LinkedIn - 4 Steps To Massive Traffic


Unlike other social networking sites, Linkedin stands apart as a platform for the business oriented class of amateurs and professionals eager to extend their experiences and showcase their skills. It also provides you ample space to promote your trade and connects you with the right people.

So if you are hunting for grounds to lay bare your creative genius what could be better than utilizing a board that links to millions of experts and agencies on the lookout for creative writers.

Figuring out how Linkedin will work best to boost your blog is key to expanding your viewership. So let’s get down to exploring the best tips to nurture your blog bud to attract targeted traffic.


1) Optimize for Exposure

So you’re on Linkedin…Great ! But it’s not worth anything if you aren’t actively engaging with those around you. There is no point using social networking sites and then shying away into your hermit hole. See and be seen, let your thoughts echo through your words as you fill in your profile and familiarize people with the real you.

Mingle with the Linkedin family by building your connections and feed your intuition by participating in forums. Stay updated with the latest trends in groups that entertain your interests moreover interact with professionals from your line of work and exchange ideas.

Here is what you have to do:



a) Change your headline to increase search visibility:

With a million users it is important to create a profile that stands apart from the rest. A catchy headline can attract audience providing them a glimpse of what’s stored. Enter the relevant keywords that represent niche details about you so it’s easy for people to look you up.

Linkedin’s support feature aptly guides you on how to improve outreach and what works successfully for others in your industry.

b) Add your posts in the summary sections:

Your public profile features a summary section write under your profile details. Make good use of this space and stack it up with links to your most popular blog posts. This will give people a thorough insight into your skills as a creative writer and strengthen your reputation as a professional who knows how to display his craft.


2) Leverage LinkedIn Groups to get super targeted traffic to your Website

Where else will you find people who actually know what they are talking about … surely not on Facebook. This is the most authentic domain that hosts professionals from all walks of life, rich with experience and anxious to share their success stories with those eager to listen.


Devise an effective strategy to make this work to your benefit as,

  • Linkedin members are good at their trade and will assist you with tips and tricks to improve the quality of your work.
  • The Linkedin community isn’t a chaotic string of masses pushing themselves into anything and everything. It is easy to pitch in your ideas to the right crowd, amplifying your chances of success without hassling for similar links and paying sponsors to direct traffic.
  • Linkedin ensures that quality content receives a favorable boost among members allowing you an outlet to promote your brand.    

Joining groups that gel in with your brand image requires efficient planning on your part, so be sure to look through these tips before jumping in :

a) Check and join groups:

Prior safety checks are advisable before pasting URLs in a group as they might be following a zero tolerance policy on foreign links. Look up the group’s policies in their description section to avoid getting banned and losing the chance to attract a good audience.

b) Participate in conversations before promotion:

It is good that you are focused on advertising your blog through these groups but you cannot drop a link and expect people to scrape it up blindly. The key to creating a lasting audience requires a genuine effort on your part to engage and connect with them on a human level. Observe what are the most happening topics on the page as this will help you understand what people want. Take time to look around for topics that may trigger your interests and voice your opinions to interact with the community.



c) Promote your links:

Marketing your link wisely will prompt a productive response so make sure you abide by the groups linking policies. One way to share a link to group members is to manage it directly from your website while you can also add it as a relevant link when posting an update on a forum.

d) Participate in conversations:

Once you have posted your site URL don’t leave people wondering, stick around and cater to queries. Such interactions will generate an interest among the members, tempting them to look up the site which will prove beneficial for your blog.


3) LinkedIn Pulse: Your new Guest Posting Arena

Launched in 2014, the Linkedin Pulse has amassed immense success as it furnishes bloggers with the opportunity to publish their work and reach out to the 433 million members. Previous blogs can also be showcased to achieve maximum exposure.

Acquaintance with this new but fantastic feature will be of great benefit to you and bloggers worldwide. Here are some tips that might aid you :

a) LinkedIn Pulse readers love visual and long-form content:

Following the latest trends on Linkedin Pulse will help you produce blogs that appeal to the readers and assist you in understanding what hot topics are circulating in the social media. Picking up material that corresponds with what’s trending these days will not only interest the reader but it will also urge them to respond to the stated views thus creating an interaction.

According to a recent research. it was observed that readers are more drawn to articles that carry a dynamic visual appeal. Therefore many bloggers resort to inserting high-quality images to attract readers and build a strong traffic.

b) List posts and business or self-development posts are on the popular side:

It’s all about working with what you’ve got … so channelize your creative flair into producing blogs that are your niche. Not only will this allow you to reveal your forte but this will also increase post visits as lists and self-help posts are trending these days.

Remember to embellish your writing with appropriate visuals and make sure that in the final draft, everything holds together well.


c) How to make LinkedIn Pulse work for you:

Linkedin Pulse is set to provide you the most amazing opportunity to get noticed by the millions out there so make sure that you utilize this space well. Publish new and old posts and generate  an additional audience, interact with the readers and stay updated with the latest in the mainstream. Once you set your ground and acquire a good number of followers, these hits will help you go viral. If you play your cards right, you can stream this audience back to your website.


d) Add links back to your site

One of the most successful ways to generate sales/subscribes on your website is by making efficient use of URLs. Pulse views aren’t going to do you much good if they can’t link readers to your website. As monetizing blogs isn’t supported by Linkedin, therefore, learning the art of linking will help you generate revenue for all that hard work.

Chart out catchy words that are bound to tempt the reader and add internal URLs to your site. Marketing strategies are at play here so think smart and you will be rewarded.


4) What not to do on LinkedIn:

Learning the pet peeves of any social network will aid you in steering clear of future turmoil. You don’t want to upset the system as in turn it will damage your reputation as a solid member within that platform, decreasing opportunities for interactions and maximizing outreach.

Respect the system and the policies they make,


a) Avoid posting about political and religious stuff:

Freedom of speech is every man’s birthright but every platform does not welcome such outbursts and especially one that focuses on channelizing a professional and business-oriented point of view.

Posting religious and political views on such sites can portray you as unprofessional and ignorant of site protocols.

b) Stop posting very personal stuff:

It’s enough that you pour your life drama on Facebook, do not try to use Linkedin as a medium to vent your emotions.

This is a space sprawling with business-oriented minds and recruiters who aren’t interested in sharing your loneliness. Leave such personal stories for more common social media sites and only post material that will provide you potential leads to expand your business.


Linkedin features a method that allows you to export your Linkedin contacts and load them as custom audience in your Facebook ad manager to run a campaign. This will give you the tools to divide your professional contacts based on industry type to reach a specific audience, otherwise hard to grasp.

Though this method is part of the premium package but it is guaranteed to provide you with the means to boost your site.  


Wrapping up:

With the sassy upgrades and a growing community, Linkedin has taken over the professional social media by storm. It’s engaging features and strictly business oriented demographics set it apart from your basic social networking websites.   

At present, it is the most effective medium to market your brand and acquire leads that will benefit sales while generating an audience that appreciates and understands the skills you showcase as a professional.


Should sites like Linkedin allow bloggers to use its platform to monetize readership ? Share your views in the comment box below …

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