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How To Set Up Page Redirects With WordPress

Page redirects are important for two main reasons. You may need to have a particular post redirected to a different location or have it renamed. Also, you may have changed the permalink setup of your word press page hence the existing links to your site may no longer exist. As such the redirect feature allows you to get the visitor to your new location. The following steps give a simple step by step procedure you can use to setup the page redirect on your word press pages.

Redirecting a page

  • Click Plug-in on your admin areas of your Word press site. Usually on your left side of the menu bar.
  • Click add new and in the search box type quick page redirect plug-in and press enter. It is a free plug-in for Word press that easily allows you to redirect pages and posts.
  • After you have typed a number of results will show up. Scroll through and the results and find quick page redirect plug-in’.
  • Click the Install now’ button to install then click Activate plug-in’
  • Once the installation process is complete go to the “Redirect menu’ on the on the menu bar and select Quick redirects’
  • Once you do that two text boxes will appear. The first text box has the header Request’.
  • Get the URL of the page you want to redirect and paste it here. Remember to exclude the domain name.
  • The second box is labelled Destination’. The destination is simply the page where you want the posts to be redirected to. Copy and paste the URL to this box in full. This does is not necessary your own site.

Finally save the changes and any visitor who attempts to visit pages listed in under Request’ will be redirected to the appropriate destination.

Changing the Permalinks setup

The second approach you can use to set up a page redirection feature is through changing the page permalinks.
Similar to the page redirect procedure, go to the admin area of your site and click on the ‘plug-ins’ and then “Add new’

  • Type the word ‘Permalinks moved permanently’ in the search box and press enter. This plug-in is also free and allows a visitor to look for a link that does not exist.
  • Whenever one searches for a missing link, the plug-in looks for a link with similar slug.
  • If there is a URL containing any corresponding article title, the visitor will be redirected there.
  • Click Install now’ to have the Permalinks Moved permanently” installed on your page.
  • The process may take a couple of seconds. Wait for the installation process to complete and click on Active Plug-in” once you are prompted to do so.
  • Once that is done you are ready to go. The plug-ins is properly installed and visitors will be redirected to the appropriate locations of your posts.
  • These procedures are easy to follow. They help improve the capabilities of your word press site. The dsa theory test could expose you to the more technical aspects of sites and their functioning. As the procedures above have outlined, the standard word press pages may not support the redirection capabilities. Plug-ins and other free soft wares help solve the puzzle. There are so many other ways you can use to redirect your pages. Some of these methods are pretty easy while other are very complicated. You just have to choose what best suits your needs.

Author Bio: Zara Andrew is from Scotland, UK. She is a reader and guest blogger. She has been writing contents on the web professionally. As an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Education, Technology, parenting and many more Health and Fitness. Currently she is working for dsa theory test.


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