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Online Monetization

Once upon a time working from home was reserved for novelists and dodgy multi-level marketing people. Those days are behind us folks, and there is now more opportunity than ever to live the dream. The dream to get paid for staying in your PJ’s all day. All one needs to have for such a life is a laptop. And tenacity. Yep tenacity definitely helps. Otherwise you are just a person sitting at home in your pyjamas all day. With that in mind, I have decided to dedicate this blog to means of monetization online. I have written before about blog monetization specifically, but you don’t even need a blog for these ones! Get making them Ben Franklins. Or whatever we call them in OZ.  To make money online takes both strategy and also some luck (sometimes you can stumble upon something by accident!). But mostly, hard work is the key.

Online Monetization

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can complete a host of tasks so it is hard to categorise this Job title into one box so to speak. In general terms, a virtual assistant performs administrative duties from a remote location; for me this would be in my bed. The idea behind the virtual assistant phenomenon is to improve work place efficiencies and reduce costs. Take this example; a business may have an overflow of work to be completed, but not necessarily the need for someone to be hired in a full time capacity. This is why they may decide to subcontract their data entry, bookkeeping, word processing to name just a few. Rather than bringing this person into the workplace, they may use a virtual assistant who can do the work from home.

Another popular VA model is the “call centre” one. You can work as a telemarketing person, or even just be the point of contact for a business. This works particularly well for very small businesses that have stretched resources as it is.

There are absolutely endless opportunities online to become a virtual assistant but be wary of the low paying ones. Similar to the high volume low pay content mills I loathe, they pay pittance. Don’t ruin it for everyone by agreeing to work for 10 bucks an hour.

Information Product

Are you a dab hand at pottery? Or a whiz in the kitchen? Then why not make an information product of some sort? In loose terms, this is going to be a content creation product using your knowledge wizardry. Think eBooks or educational tools. Websites can be set up pretty cheaply these days, and it no longer takes Captain Spock, Stephen Hawking and their crew to set them up. Website and information product for sale is a recipe for cash! With basic templates available, your little “business” could be up and running in no time. Obviously the process is going to timelier than what I have made it out to be, but that’s the basic idea. I am leading you to water; it is up to you to drink!

Service Product

Following much the same idea as above, this is monetization of your skills. Examples may be arty types creating business logos, or audio experts making podcasts. I have probably lost some people at this point, due to the incredulousness of my money making ideas. But folks, people are doing these sorts of things right now and profiting! Ever heard of Airtasker? This is the perfect example. Money is exchanged for services in the most beautiful caveman way; a beautifully basic bartering system. No tax file numbers or reference checks, more like “I will pay someone 20 bucks to mow my lawn”. Its genius, so go and download the app. So far I have clocked up a grand total of 40 dollars, but it’s more than I had to start with right?

Reviews for Cash

There are lots of websites that offer cash or points system for review of their products and apps. There also plenty of sites that seek out people to complete surveys for a reward. Some of the sites can be a little dodgy, as in you have to jump through a million hoops before you reap any benefits, but there are some good ones out there too.  I don’t want to recommend as I haven’t really tried this method, but I know people who have, and have made some extra money from it.

YouTube Videos

Do you ever jump onto YouTube and watch some crazy dude crying over Britney Spears, or a chick eating like 20 donuts in a minute? I would do both those things simultaneously if I was getting paid for it like these you tubers are. Yep folks, build an audience on the popular video platform and you may start to profit like some of the other crazies do. In order to be successful through this medium, you need to be either drop dead gorgeous, or dignity devoid. Either way, it’s a sure fire money maker.

The process is pretty easy, and YouTube even have a handy guide for you to follow to get monetizing. I will leave it right here.


Let us know if you have come across any other awesome money making schemes online. In the meantime I will continue the quest to find some more hair brained ideas for you.


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