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New Trends In Blogging 2015

The blog is essentially a dialogue between the blogger and the visitor. A successful blogger is the one who understands this philosophy and implements it in its blog posts. A blog once created is a channel for sharing corporate information or personal insights into the products and / or services on a regular basis. Also the information shared on the blog must be relevant and should engage the visitor to the website. What makes a blog a great blog is not just the design but rather an excellent content.

Why do new age digital marketers need to think Mobile-first ?

Content – served right!

Users search the web for the answer to their questions. And they tend to visit those sites whose content is close enough to what they are looking for. It is therefore necessary to have engaging content that will make the visitor visit your website time and again and thus infuse a sense of credibility about your business. This will further culminate into spreading the information about your business, blog and your product / service amongst their social network.

“How do I…”
In today’s fast changing and evolving digital world, it has become impossible to keep track of all the new developments and trends in blogging. Having a good “how to…” blog that focuses on answering questions of a certain specific subject / topic is becoming a new trend. Select your target audience and their topic of interest and then talk about how to do it in a step by step manner. These focused blogs have in recent times gained popularity and seen increased followership.


‘8 top quality design trends in blogging 2015’ or ‘What are the new design trends in blogging 2015’ – which title readily attracts your attention and heightens your excitement to read it? Of course the earlier title. Such blogs are referred to as ‘Listicles’, derived from ‘List articles’. Essentially Listicles are articles that list out the information so that it becomes easier for time crunched visitors to easily runt through. Due to their short, precise nature Listicles are becoming a whole lot popular aspect of blogging and blog posts.

Be Entertaining

Bloggers treat their blogs as one to one connection tool to talk to their visitors and thus employ a friendly tone in their content taking it to an emotional level. Many blog posts have a conversational tone, of that of a friendly talk, and thus attract more visitors. Using puns – play on words – and humours in the post increases the readability and infuses confidence amongst the visitors about your blog.

Myth busting

Visitors like to talk about myths and if the blog talks about a myth, explores it and if necessary, busts it with valid reasons and proofs, then visitors are bound to revisit to crosscheck a myth or come back to read more new myths.

Good to recycle

It is not possible to come up with a fresh content for your blog every time. Many successful bloggers recycle their blogs but in doing so they add new, updated information to the underlying theme and post it as a new content. Users and followers to the blog posts may be aware of the crux of the content but the new updated information is what entices them to stay on the site and even delve more deeper.

Be Mobile

Chances are that nearly 3/4th of the visitors to your blog are probably mobile users who are reading your blogs on their mobile phones. As the mobile phone users grow day by day, it has become a necessity to be mobile centric from a bloggers point of view. Ensure that your blog is readable over a mobile phone or a tablet.

Short Port

Make your posts short, concise and use ample images to carry your point. A picture speaks a thousand words. Keeps your paragraphs short, use bullet lists where ever possible and use a large font for easy readability.

Maintain that stunning image

When said earlier that design should never compete with images, so does the images. It doesn’t mean that images should underplay on the website. Right images for the content elevate the content and add more meaning to the textual content. Ensure that the image fits properly into the theme used for the site and create a consistent ‘feel’ of the site.

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