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New Trends and Developments in WordPress

As we all know,  WordPress is an online, easy to use, website creation tool that is commonly used for blogging and site content management. Everybody loves WordPress! Are you one of the few who doesn’t? You need to read on. We have rounded up some modern new trends and developments on the WordPress scene.

New Trends and Developments in WordPress

Video Headers are Gaining Popularity

Although video headers are not a new feature in WordPress, they have various positive attributes for web designers and users. For one, they look awesome! They get the attention of the person visiting the site instantly, and add a futuristic element to the blog. Also it is almost ad like in quality, giving the viewer some entertainment! You might have noticed the default WordPress theme Twenty Seventeen now includes a video header. Perhaps this may explain their elevated use and commonality.

Further Development of Virtual Reality in WordPress

Due to the constantly decreasing price and effectiveness of Virtual Reality (VR) in general, it will no doubt become increasingly available to the masses in a personal and professional setting. On the plus side, , VR is compatible with WordPress for features such as VR Images and 360 degrees videos.  Anyone who has experienced VR games can agree that they are very sense-tingling and immersive. This could prove to be a huge selling point for WordPress, with millions of people potentially having VR functionality on their blog. This will add a whole new dimension to how we view, create and experience websites.

Themes, Themes and More Themes

If you love making websites quickly, efficiently and while having fun, you will love the arrival of WordPress Theme applications. This trend looks as though it is here to stay, as it gives users an insight into plenty of pre-made themes which can be further customised. A solid and instant theme can save hours of work and keep ideas flowing between developers and visionaries.  WordPress themes may bring out designers around the world, enabling more people to ignite their creative side. The beauty of this is not having to start from scratch;an often a daunting experience for newbie web developers and designers.

There are More Mobile Phones than People in the World

The amount of mobile phones exceeds the human population! If that’s not a good enough reason to make your website highly mobile compatible, I don’t know what is. Mobile compatible website tools through WordPress are expected to trend in 2017 and beyond; after all it is only logical. It is expected these days, that websites work as per intended on the mobile and tablet format including links, forms and functions. Having your site running properly on desktop and mobile platforms is a sure way to increase client satisfaction. It also increases target audience exposure and conversion to sales if applicable.

Hey You, Buy My Lemonade!

WordPress virtual businesses and financial transactions are always increasing, maybe not for lemonade specifically but for clothing, crafts, technology and merchandise. While the online business model is only relatively new, it is set to consistently increase. Particularly as small businesses move to online platforms. Otherwise they run the risk of getting left behind in the old methodologies of business. Low cost start-ups run by entrepreneurs are also predicted to utilise this platform on a larger scale. This is due mainly to its ease of use and customisation for different areas of business.

A Picture Speaks a Million Words, as the Modern Saying Goes

2017 will be the high resolution, stunning image, low text content year. An expected focus is to trend towards websites and blogs with higher image content as opposed to slab of text based pages. You’re probably scrolling down this page to see if there any cool, vivid images on this blog right now! The minimalist style of a website is an art form; it is not about all the content you can add to your site. The  importance lies on what the consumer can take away from it. To create a site in its simplest and most pure form which still conveys a strong and bold message is the overarching goal.

Click, Drag, Drop, Smile

The drag and drop of elements is constantly getting easier, smarter and more widely used. Drag and drop in widgets can be used for images, titles, paragraphs, galleries, maps, audio features plus more. It gives web designers and design artists more flexibility, and freedom to create a particular page that they have envisioned at the simple drag and drop of an element. Drag and drop functionality is likely to trend in 2017, particularly with up and coming designers entering the WordPress world.

Wow, that’s a Nice Font!

Typography variation and use is on the rise in 2017 due to the availability of new fonts and increased demand for additional font options in WordPress. This ability to import customised fonts from other professional programs such as Adobe, provides users with another tool for designing webpages. Fonts are highly effective for conveying a certain message and creating an emotional feel to consumers of your website.

Overall, 2017 is looking sleek, sharp and minimalist. Fear not, we plan to bring you more trends and developments in the near future.

Embrace the new trends and create your envisioned website with a strong visual impact. Good luck with your site and I wish you all the best with your future goals!

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