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Monetizing Your Blog

Creating your very first blog is a memorable experience, but there is nothing quite like the first time you earn a dollar from blogging. It is possible to generate income this way, albeit it’s not altogether easy. That being said, we do love a good challenge so we have some top tips and tricks, so your blog can start paying its way. Monetizing your blog needn’t be difficult, let’s check out some strategies. взять займ на карту без проверок и звонков срочный

Monetizing your Blog

Find your niche

Content is absolute king. If horse shoes are your thing, that’s fab, but you better be sure there is an audience out there that wants to read about horse shoes. Do some google research; are you offering unique and interesting content to the public? If you are, that’s an excellent start. Start writing, but also start hunting for your readers. The most important thing is to build a loyal audience. Assuming you now have a good following, these are just some of the ways to make money.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are links to products/services, which earn you a commission, from each click through and purchase. Perhaps you are an expert on a particular subject and you give recommendations of related products or services in your blog. Each person that follows your direct link to said items will earn you a little commission. Finding an affiliate program is simple enough with google, although becoming approved as an affiliate might not be as easy. Before you seek out affiliates, ensure that your site is in tip top shape, content is carefully curated and readership is strong. These are some of the things that bigger brands will examine before considering affiliate links with you. Earning cash through affiliate links is a really great example of passive income. Remember, your blog post could be a year old, but still earning you money.

Google AdSense

This option is where many bloggers begin. Through Google AdSense you will be paid per click on each advertisement featured on your blog. The advertisements that Google AdSense run, will be relevant to your content. Be warned, this is not a get rich quick scheme. The pay per click is relatively low, so in order to make big bucks, you will need heavy traffic flocking to your site. It is another example of passive income however, and it is definitely a great way to get started.


Blogging can pave the way for other indirect opportunities. Perhaps you are well versed in your subject matter, and have gained a loyal following. If there is a market for it, then why not offer a consultancy service as a side business.

Membership and Subscriptions

These particular money makers are a little bit dubious. The idea is that you could charge for certain content, or offer more in-depth content at a cost. The difficulty is deciding what content is worth paying for and what is not. Also, are people really willing to pay for content these days, when there is so much available online? The answer is yes, if you able to offer something very unique.

Advertising Space

Why not allow some space on your blog to “rent” to advertisers? This can be very lucrative, but again it will come down to the worthiness of your blog. You are not going to get companies knocking on your door to purchase advertising space, if it is just your nana that reads your posts.

The tips we have provided are only the cherry on top. There is a myriad of methods that can be used to monetize your blog, and we will do a part 2 to this blog soon to discuss further. The most important thing to take away from this piece, is that before you think about dollar signs, it is very important to get the content right, and build up a loyal audience. Nothing else will come to fruition until you get this part on point. Good luck!

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