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Monetizing Your Blog – Part 2

It seems we have some money makers in the audience. Due to the volume of interest in “Monetizing your Blog -Part 1”, we are bringing you part 2 earlier than we originally planned. Here is this week’s round up of ideas on capitalizing your content.

Monetizing Your Blog - Part 2

Click Per Mile – CPM

Click Per Mile is better known as CPM, and its fundamentals are similar to that of PPC (PAY PER CLICK). What sets it apart however, is that instead of cashing in on a click, you are paid according to number of times ad is viewed – no clicks needed! Given that there is still a great number of people that are wary of website ads, this is probably a more achievable way of cashing in. The page on which the advert sits just needs to be viewed; a view is known as an impression. 1000 impressions are required for a payout to happen. The downside to this seemingly flawless business model, is that some businesses pay as low as a cent per impression, meaning it’s going to take a hella long time to get rich. All the same, it doesn’t require much effort on your part to generate passive income through these means. Even if it just covers a cup of coffee at the end of the month.

In Text Ads

Let’s start by telling you which “In Text Ad” dudes are going to help you make money blogging. Infolinks are the top dogs and their process is simple enough. Techie challenged people will be able to navigate the set up with relative ease.  I should probably explain what In Text Ads are hey! They are similar to links in a sense, but these ones are special because they are double underlined. When you move your mouse over the link, a wee pop up ad appears.

Pop Ups

The paragraph on this topic is only little because I am still perched on the fence. Pop ups can in your face, obnoxious and damn right irritating. They can also be beneficial if used in the right way. Whilst they may not make you money in a direct sense, our novel approach is to use them in a subscription sense. Perhaps you have a newsletter or weekly wrap up of your new content. Why not set up a pop up to ask new people to subscribe. More subscriptions = more site visits = PPC etc.

Paid Directory Listings

When I think of a directory I think of a phone book. Showing my age. The idea of paid directory listings is not particularly a new one. Rearing its head in the 90s, it essentially heralded the start of the internet.  Yahoo began as a directory for business listings, and the rest as they say, is history. In the “making money blogging sense”, how might paid directory listings work? Let’s take the example of a blog about different hobbies. Perhaps there is a section dedicated to reading and books. If the site has good traction, an idea would be to offer book stores a directory listing. At a cost obviously. What a subtle method of advertising!

Amazon Associates

Amazon don’t just sell books anymore do they? These day you can go for a week’s food shop and a bicycle, all the while earning the cashola. Amazon Associates is one of the most innovative affiliate programs out there. Participation in the program is free and products advertised will correlate with your content.

Another amazing Amazonian feat is that their aStore. Fancy owning your own shop without lifting much weight? AStore may be the right fit for you. It is a little eShop that you can create in minutes. Any Amazon purchases from the store generates income for you. Craft your stores products to your content, and really add value to your site. Perhaps you are a pro-golfer. You might like to set up the shop for all your golfers needs. Your blogging audience are now getting a one stop shop experience!

Ok, so Amazon are the real winners in all of this, but can you blame us for wanting a piece of that pie too?


The world and its grandma are writing eBooks. These books are basically electronic versions of the traditional paper kind. The pro’s are that they are cheap to produce, and pretty much anyone can create one if they so choose to. Herein lies some fear factor for people, as anyone can create an eBook so content might not be of top quality all of the time. This is where carefully curated,  informative and interesting blog posts are important. If you have created a following that trusts in your content, then you may well have an audience that are willing to pay for a bigger piece of you. Even if you create a free eBook, it is still an indirect method of making money blogging. How? Well the eBook may draw in an audience who click on your text ads, who buy from you aStore, and who use your directory listing. Do you see where I am going with this? Every money making avenue that you choose can beautiful entangle with one another, and enhance your earnings.


This option is a little cringe in my honest opinion but it does work for some. Maybe you want to do what you do best and just blog. Blogging does take time, and time is money people! You could create a little “donate” button. If people love your content and want it to continue being available, they may be happy to donate to you for your time. If not, it’s no biggie. The function requires little maintenance, so you can just continue on blogging. And being penniless.


I mentioned this is in the first part of the 2-part blog, but it really is crucial to focus on your content first. Any successful blogger I know didn’t go into it for the money.  They did it because it was their passion., and as a result success followed them. You see, a passionate person writes with vigor, and this draws an audience. Once you have your followers, you have opportunity. So while this blog is obviously awesome at sharing money making tips, the foundations of any gold mine website is its content. Next Up – How to create great content.

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