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Link Building Beyond Bloggers

Links from blogs, if handled in the right way, can provide tremendous value; whether they be the result of guest blogging, editorial mentions etc. However, regardless of the different ways you approach bloggers in order to get these links, or the diversity of blogs you get them from – these are only one type of website, and therefore gaining links only in this way can make your link profile look over crafted. It is important when doing SEO in 2014 to be conscious of diversifying the types of links you are building beyond just bloggers.

Below are some link opportunities which go beyond bloggers, and which are out there for almost any market. On first glance you can probably think of ways these links could be “unnatural”, however if approached correctly (proper engagement with contact and research into content), they are highly legitimate and valuable.

Diversify your link profile

Resource Pages

There are so many resource pages out there that if you take a proactive approach to your link building campaign, the sky really is the limit. This is however not an easy route to take as resource pages will not link to everyone and anyone. They also won’t be interested in assets which already exist so the trick here is to offer something completely new that brings diversity to their resource page, or do a very good sell on the asset you are asking them to link to.


Whilst widely used in the spammer world, forum links can be highly valuable, again is approached correctly. The best way to go about forum links is a low-volume, quality content approach (just like any other tactic). By adding real value to the forum, or encouraging conversations about your business or your clients, this can provide tremendous value and referral traffic opportunity.


While most directories are dead, or remain just so they can charge for link removals, there are a wealth of local business or industry specific directories which real humans actually use. Irrespective of rankings, these types of directories can often be worthwhile just for attracting new business directly.


Event-based link building is a great way to add the local element to your link profile if you are taking the “blogless” approach to link building. Whilst this link building approach requires a lot of work offline as well as online, it is a great way of building your brand and getting links from otherwise difficult domains. It is important with this tactic not to get bogged down in the link building itself, as most of the value here will be gained at the actual event itself.


A great way to reach new audiences either by finding or repurposing your content. By submission-based I do not mean article spinning and posting to article submission sites. Rather, I am talking about worthwhile link opportunities for example submitting a presentation to Slideshare which has been repurposed from a guide you have written.

Press Coverage

This is a slightly more reactive approach to link building. It’s also relatively challenging for SEOs as clients often have PR firms whose toes you don’t want to tread on. So go into this one with an open mind and make sure to react to press opportunities which present themselves.


It is so important to diversify the link building that you do, and all of the tactics mentioned above are low-volume and high-value, so you will need to invest some time into these. By no means should you stop with blogger outreach and gaining links from blogs, but it is important not to hammer away at one tactic, and instead diversify the type of links you are getting.


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