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How To Keep Your Readers Interested

Getting readers to visit your blog is one thing, keeping their attention is another matter entirely. Remember that just because they came to look at your material once does not mean they will do so again, or keep coming back for more.

How do you make sure you have a “captive audience” so to speak? Keep your readers interested in your blog.

There are several simple ways you can do this; some so subtle you might give yourself a kick in the head for not thinking about it in the first place.

How to Keep Your Readers Interested

Speak the Language of Your Audience

Of course you want everyone to be able to read your blog, but you intended it to focus on a certain audience type. These are the ones you want to keep coming back again and again. Make sure you can speak the “language” of this audience, whether they are working class, sports fans, graduate students, or skateboard enthusiasts. 

Note that this doesn’t mean you should write in their lingo or jargon. Remember that blogging is still a form of formal writing, so don’t use terms only a subculture, and not the general audience, may be familiar with. In the event you have to, a helpful explanation would be welcome.

This is not to say you should use highfalutin words either, you want to keep your audience entertained, not puzzled by words they may not understand. 

Take Part in the Conversation

Don’t be the mysterious, faceless, voiceless writer behind the article. If your readers post comments worth responding to, respond to them. This will show your readers you care about their opinions. It will also give them an insight into how you think.

Be careful of trolls, though. Debate is good, but don’t get drawn into an argument, quarrelling with readers is really bad form. 

Keep Up with the Latest Developments 

Your readers don’t just go online for your blog, they also go there to watch the latest news, showbiz gossip, YouTube videos and other sources of entertainment and information. Since you already spend a considerable time online (this is assumed if you have a blog) take the time to do this as well.

Keeping up with what’s new is useful if you want to be in the loop. It will pay to not draw a blank when the conversation shifts to another recent topic or event entirely. 

Post Regularly

Keeping you material fresh is a good way to keep readers interested.

If you update your post weekly, set a particular day for that schedule. Say, post new material only every Monday or only every Wednesday.

If you update more than once weekly, you can schedule new posts every two or three days. A good rule of thumb for optimal SEO is to post twice per week. At most three times per week.

If you post several times a week, upload a new post every two or three days. If you update only a few times a month, try setting up changes every other week. However, if you update only that frequently you stand a chance of losing the interest of your readers.

Be consistent with the schedule, readers familiar with your schedule will make it a point to drop by when they know something new should be uploaded. What do experts recommend? Upload new blogs every week, and post them on weekends, it’s when more people have time to surf the Internet.

Add Variety to Your Content

If you had a friend, and every time you’d hang out you’d talk about the same thing, the conversation would get stale real fast, right? That’s how your readers feel when they go to your blog, read your articles and find out they are all about the same thing. The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to introduce a new topic to your blog.

A new topic will not only attract new readers, it will also generate more opinions and feedback.
What are your thoughts on keeping readers interested?

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