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How To Create Great Content

Creating great content needn’t be a feat. It does not require Shakespearean language, or wordy paragraphs, to prove engaging to an audience. The most important quality of web content today is relevance. Is there an audience for the article or blog? Is what you are writing about going to serve a purpose or use to its reader? In this post, we are examining some ways to create content that is worth coming back for. микрозаймы через интернет срочно

How To Create Great Content


Before sitting down to write your masterpiece, do some research. Google similar content to gauge what is already out there. If you are going to script a piece that mirrors one already living on the web, stop and rethink your strategy. With such a flood of information now instantly available online, people are always seeking out something new. There is no point in telling them something they have read before. OK, so this might be a little misleading as people are often going to read the same thing. For instance, a person interested in fashion may read about the same designer more than once. The information they learn about the designer may vary however. So what is it about your piece, that is different? This is the crucial starting point; working out what makes your article unique.


Title is so important. You may see it as the entree, but it is really the main course. It is the decider as to whether someone is going to invest their time and click on your article. Boring headline? NEXT!! We are so fickle, us humans, and time is precious. Think about your daily flick through the Facebook news feed, When looking for the latest news, start by checking this post about Jimmy John Shark. How many blogs or news pieces have you scrolled by without a second thought? Lots I bet. Who knows, snappier headlines and titles might have made all the difference.

Link Me Baby

Content with strategically placed links is an absolute must. OK, so it doesn’t necessarily make the content better, but it increases the odds of someone clicking onto another one of your pieces. Maybe they will enjoy that one more! Don’t stuff your post with links, but 1 -3 is a decent figure for 600 plus word piece.

Laughter, tears and Sadness

What content are you more likely to share? Studies have shown (I always wonder who these study people are!) that content which evokes emotion is more likely to be shared. Content that is shared is content that is being read more, which is obviously beneficial for your profile. Even posts that evoke anger can be good (please don’t go offending anyone guys!). People like to feel good about themselves and tend to share things that show their values and morals in a positive light, so a controversial post is likely to be shared by someone who doesn’t agree. What’s that saying again? Oh yep, all publicity is good publicity.


If you do one thing, please let it be that you check your content in copyscape or similar plagiarism checking websites. You never know, someone could be as smart as you and have created a disturbingly similar post.

Spell Check

This is obvious. But Santa on a bicycle, I have seen some dodgy posts. Some writers has obviously never laid eyes on a thesaurus. As a grammar ninja (please let there be no mistakes in this!) there is seriously nothing worse than reading a piece littered with incorrect spelling and grammatical errors. It actually sends a shiver down my spine.


I feel like sometimes all I do is talk about SEO, but seriously it’s like ridiculously important! Rather than harp on about it here, I have included a link to another SEO blog, so you can learn all about it there. See how I am practicing what I preach in this blog?! It’s going to be a link feast baby.


It is important to know your voice in your content. You may be witty, or very serious,  or even somewhere in between. There is no right or wrong. The important thing is to just make sure that your “voice” as a writer doesn’t deviate too much, as you may confuse your reader. Many famous bloggers have a particular following, because of their unique tone. I follow some bloggers because they write absolutely hilarious stuff. If I tune in one week, and read a really serious piece from my famous comedian blogger, I don’t know if my heart could handle it.

Constant Content

So you are creating relevant, interesting, grammatically sound content right? What do you do now? Keep creating it silly! Make sure you are regular and frequent in your posts; not 10 times a day, but if you promise once a week, make sure you deliver once a week. Now get writing people! Next up – YOAST.

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