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How To Make Money Online

How to make money online? Ah, the elusive question that tends to drive people crazy … I don’t think there is anyone who would turn down the opportunity of making a quick buck. If you are one of these people, you have come to the wrong place. While there have been some fairy-tale endings for the ordinary guy with an extraordinary idea, earning cash online is generally not easy. This blog will focus on how, with a little creative thought and motivation you could earn some cash on the side from your laptop., learn some tricks at this online broker France website. The great thing is you chose your hours – finally, the opportunity to be your own boss!


Trading Domains/Websites

An interesting concept, domain buying and selling has made some clever people quite rich. It is a market to get into if you are patient and have great foresight. The idea is that you purchase a domain name with the aim to resell it at a higher value in the future. It is quite a simple business model but you need to do plenty of window shopping before you purchase. There is no point owning a whole lot of domains that no one wants to buy.


This is my favourite. Blogging is a nice little money earner because you are the master of your work. You chose (mostly) what you wish to write about and can earn some dollars. There are many ways to go about blogging or blagging blogging jobs! Search job listings on websites such as Gumtree. Usually featured in the miscellaneous section, I find these blogging jobs better paid as they are generally advertised by smaller businesses on niche topics. There is of course the option of searching the many blogging websites that offer hundreds of blogging jobs for little cash return. These projects will definitely not make you rich but they are ok if you are passionate about writing and not so fussed about the money aspect. Blogging.org is an example of such a website.

To have absolute freedom of creative expression, blogging on your own portal is a must. You can then sign up to Google AdSense. The concept is simple. Ads are built around your content on your blogging website featuring goods or services that in some way pertain to the content of your blog. For instance, perhaps you blog about beauty products. Ads featured will naturally be beauty related. The more clicks these ads get, the more cash you make. Simple!


According to a new Lifepoints review, copywriting, in a nutshell, is writing content for marketing and advertising purposes. Much like blogging there are many websites out there offering copywriting jobs. The difference is that copywriting is for the more confident experienced writer and copy will need to be professional. Product knowledge is also necessary – Copywriting is the forefront of any business website so the literature must be impeccable. This can be a nice little earner though and also if you do a good job for one company, another company might come knocking for your services.

Customer Service

Most businesses value how important their online presence is and coupling this with top class service has heralded a growing need for customer service representatives on their website. Ever go online shopping and there is a little pop up box from a friendly staff member waiting to assist? Well, this could be you. Companies are increasingly hiring people to act as a representative from their home to answer email queries and complaints or to actually chat live with the client. Have a good PC and high speed internet? Well, you could be making some cash very quickly. Visit Talk2Rep.com for positions.


Think you might be a maths whizz or have sonnets to rival Shakespeare? Well perhaps online tutoring might be for you. The premise is simple – the student pays you for your time and expertise. Check out TutorBee for one such place. You create a profile selling your experience and expertise and you also set your own rate. This is a fantastic way of earning money as there is room building your client base. A happy student is bound to spread the word amongst their mates.

These are a small sample of the many different and inventive ways that we can earn money online. If you are self-motivated it is definitely worth giving one or two of these a shot.

Have you had success with online earnings? If so, feel free to post about it in the comments below!



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