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How To Increase Traffic Through Twitter

Twitter has over 75 million active users per day. Whilst it’s easy to feel lost amongst mundane tweets and fan-girl followings, you can use it to appeal to your target audience.

From knowing when to tweet to making effective searches, this blog post will teach you how to make the most of Twitter by teaching you how to increase traffic through Twitter.

 How To Increase Traffic Through Twitter

Sign up to Twoggle’s Social tools to increase traffic through Twitter

Twoggle Social is a tool where you can learn about your followers’ peak times of activity and automatically post tweets, respectively. To learn more, head to twoggle.com.

Once Twoggle Social Submit has indicated the best times for you to tweet, you can set up your Social Submit account to release content at these times.

Follow people who are relevant to you

This is an excellent way of increasing traffic to your blog. Follow individuals and companies that post similar content to you and then follow their followers.

If they are interested in your competition’s content, there’s a good chance that they’ll be interested in yours, too.

Tweet and retweet valuable content

It’s time to show your followers that you’re not wasting their time. By posting 1 – 2 tips in your area of expertise a day, your audience will remain interested in you. Retweeting useful posts from individuals that create similar content to you will let your followers know that you’re not a networking sloth.

Use Twitter for market research

Twitter can be used to learn more about your target audience. To make use of the site’s search function, head to search.twitter.com. Here, you can discover what people are saying about you and your specialty, along with trending topics in this field.

You can also post surveys and questionnaires for your followers to fill in. These can be created at twtpoll.com and surveymonkey.com.

Use hashtags and replies to form a community

Rather than solely using Twitter to broadcast the latest happenings to your audience, you can use the hashtag function to spread a universal interest among your followers.

Replying to tweets will make you very popular amongst your fans. Whether you’re joining in with a debate or simply saying thanks for following, they will stay by your side because of it.

How do you use Twitter to increase traffic to your blog? Feel free to leave questions or comments below.

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