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How To Increase Traffic Through Facebook

With over 130 million active users per day day, Facebook is the biggest social networking website on the planet. Ignoring it is not an option.

From creating social ads to making use of multimedia, this blog post will teach you how to increase traffic through Facebook to your blog.

 How To Increase Traffic Through Facebook

Use social ads

Social ads are small advertisements found on the right-hand side of your Facebook homepage, and they can help you to promote your blog. You can programme them to detect keywords and job titles found in profile pages, which means appealing to your target audience just got a lot easier.

Let’s say that you’re writing a food blog. When creating a social ad, you’ll want to set keywords such as ‘chef’ and ‘food’ in order to find people who will be interested in your content.

View your insights

By going to facebook.com/insights, you can see the data for your page. This includes the age of your viewers, along with their geographical location and languages spoken.

You can use this information to devise a marketing strategy for your blog. For instance, if you have a lot of viewers in New York, you can set ‘New York’ as a keyword in your social ads and post content at times when they’ll be likely to see it.

Make use of multimedia

Facebook caters for all kinds of multimedia, including apps, audio and games. Creating apps is great way of engaging with your audience. If you know how to set a HTML code, you can place a HTML box on your profile page. This could be used to advertise a mailing list to your audience.

Include a link to your blog in every post

Facebook has allowed B2B (business to business) strategies to grow extensively, and there’s no reason for you to not get involved. Your blog is like a business: there is an audience that it must reach, and to do this you need to advertise persistently. However, the information you share must be relevant to your audience.

Don’t turn Facebook into Twitter

Facebook allows you to share your personality with your audience. You have more room to talk than on Twitter, and there is no need to sync the two services together.

As Twitter is a place to broadcast breaking news, Facebook should be the place where you post important bulletins that require more detail.


How do you use Facebook to increase traffic to your blog or website? Feel free to leave questions or comments below.

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