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How to Create a Blog/Website

In this article, I will provide insight into effective blog creation. Blogging has grown exponentially over the last decade and has transitioned from a simple WordPress page to full blown bells and whistles websites. There are lots of reasons for the rise of the blog, and one very notable reason is our hunger for reality. Once upon a time, we digested media that was carefully curated and saturated with images that didn’t always depict real life. Now, blogs have grown with the trend of the truth. мфо займы онлайн на карту

How to Create a Blog - A Blogging Bible!

People want facts not fiction; the full story and not the embellished one. Whether it is celebrity gossip, personal journey blogs or business reviews, the people have spoken!

If you own a business, want to start a movement, share your life experiences or start writing about fashion, beauty or just about anything, a blog is a great place to start. Here are some reasons why:


If you are selling your skills or products online; perhaps you are a graphic designer or make delicious cakes, a blog is a great way to promote your wares. Furthermore, blogging on your business page is a good way for people to follow your progress and hear about any news you want to share.

How to Create a Blog - A Blogging Bible!

Money Generating

Some blogs can make money! Those with large audiences may attract some income from affiliate links or pay per clicks (PPC). The larger the following, the higher the return so keep on delivering fresh exciting content, and your efforts will be rewarded!


Large audiences attract not only the G’s but also the bright lights of fame! Or at least recognition. Famous blogs such as The Blonde Salad attracts about 14 million page views per month!

All of these benefits of blogging sound great right? Well, hard work is the crucial ingredient to reap the rewards. There are several steps needed to set up a blog, and I touch on each below.

Define your blog

What is your blog going to deliver to the reader? What is your subject expertise? Writing about what you know and love is essential; sounds obvious but people often venture into topics that they aren’t passionate about, and this is evident to the reader in the finished product.

Pick a Platform

Are you a traditional blogger? Then chose WordPress.Love photography? Choose Instagram. The choices are endless. Today we have the luxury of picking from a feast of content management systems, meaning the clumsiest of tech people can find something that works for them.

It is essential to pick a platform that suits your needs, and more critically will be user-friendly. You want people to visit your page and have a look around. Nothing worse than a disorganised blog that drives the audience away. Aside from WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are worth investigating.

As long as your blog contains text, you will most likely decide to use a content management service (CMS) such as the examples above. Social media, however, are other platforms on which to blog.

With the help of CMS you will be able to:

  • Create a blog without programming skills
  • Post content successfully and create new abstracts
  • Focus your attention on the writing and not the technical stuff
  • Enhance the functionality of the site quickly with the help of plugins and modules
  • Pick a beautiful design out of big libraries with free themes

Who will Host?

  • When choosing your host, consider the following –
  • What volume of traffic are you aiming for?
  • How quickly do you need to go live?
  • Is there any hosting support?
  • How much does it cost?

Gain a Domain

The key to your content, a domain is essentially your website address. Godaddy is a great site for purchasing a domain.

Get Creative

It’s time to start creating content!

  • It is crucial that you put time and effort into building the foundations of your blog. Enthusiastic bloggers will want to get cracking on their content but take a breath, do some research and create a platform that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and intuitive.
  • Use a blend of text and imagery when creating your content. This combination works best as the reader’s eye enjoys diversity. Ensure that you write in paragraphs; nothing worse than blocks of text!
  • Make sure to write regularly; in a perfect world, this would be daily. If time doesn’t allow, aim for two good blogs per week. If you don’t have the time, consider a guest post!
  • Humour works well in blogs – don’t be afraid to make your audience giggle!
  • Test out different writing styles to see what people engage with the most. You won’t get it perfect at the start, so it’s important to be adaptive
  • Avoid loud colours on your blog; this can create a headache for the reader!
  • Embrace comments; You might not like your reader’s feedback, but at least they have been motivated to comment! Consider thoughtful critique and ignore the apparent offence. Respond to everyone who has left a comment, as this shows you are still alive and kicking!
  • Implement social media plugins – your audience can get sharing!

How to Create a Blog - A Blogging Bible!

Go in peace and blog!

Melisa Marzett regularly writes articles for many websites including www.resume-service.org

She dreams of writing bestsellers from her home in Phoenix, Arizona. When she is not writing, Melisa enjoys photography and dancing.

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