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How To Build Better Quality Backlinks

Despite all the recent changes in search engine algorithms high quality backlinks remain an essential part of seo strategy. Experienced webmasters know the value of high quality backlinks and are even willing to pay astronomical sums to get these links. In this article we will look at how to build better quality backlinks.


Building backlinks is also often cited as the most difficult part of SEO and if done wrongly it can get your website penalized. There has been an on-going debate as what constitutes “Quality Backlink”. Earlier on webmasters and link builders were obsessed with high PR links.


PageRank or PR as its popularly known is a metric of Google which was used to rank websites in their search engine results. PR uses a scale of 0 to 10. Only few websites have the PR of 10 such as Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and Yahoo etc.

PageRank determines the importance of a website by taking into account the number and quality of their backlinks. Although PageRank is considered by many to be the most important metric for link building but this is no longer the case. After recent Algorithm changes Google has started putting more emphasis on relevant links.

Without any doubt a backlink from a high PageRank site will help your website but it’s more important that this backlink is from a relevant site. During recent years search engines have started giving more importance to relevant links. By relevancy we mean that the site linking to you must be similar to your website and ideally must be from the same niche. So, if you have a website about personal finance, then backlinks from websites about pension, investing would be relevant to your site and backlinks from these sites will have much weight as compared to links from health and fitness related sites.


Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been identified as one of the most successful strategies for building high quality backlinks. Like any other strategy successful execution of guest blogging will require a lot of hard work and patience on your part.  You must identify guest blogging targets. Ideally these must be sites relevant to your business and must have high PR and good amount of traffic.

Once you have identified your targets write a sales pitch and approach the webmasters/owners of these sites. A backlink from a popular website can help you in increasing your rankings on SERPs and can also generate a good amount of traffic.

After Panda and Penguin update there has been a lot of interest in Guest Blogging and many people are expecting that Google will target guest blogging links in their next update. So, ensure that guest blogging links are not a significant part of your link portfolio. Just a few guest blogging links from high quality websites will be more than enough.

Link building

Yes, you are thinking in the right direction. There is a secret to linkbuilding which is often overlooked by most linkbuilders. Your content must be interesting enough and must work as bait for readers. Readers must find it useful enough to share without any effort from you. This has been the secret of link building which very few have noticed and even experienced linkbuilders tend to forget about this during content creation.

This Infographic was published on quicksprout blog and was featured on the first page of Digg. As a result quicksprout blog received more than 20,000 visitors who were interested in this infographic. This is a great example of content which gets shared on its own without any kind of intervention from content creator.

So keep these factors in mind and you will be able to create high quality backlinks for your website.

Have you had experiences with back-links that have gone bad?



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    such a very nice post these are imaging details and fact about to create high quality backlinks real dear great article i have learn lots of things from here because i am daily visitor of your site but can you help me how i can get organic traffic on website. thanks for sharing and for inspire me.

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