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How to be the Proud Owner of a Boss Website

To be an on-line influencer online (with a boss website!) you have to put in the groundwork. Everyone wants a successful business and a strong cash flow, but how many are willing to accomplish all the small things to build an on-line powerhouse? You can always learn a lot about business ideals from many business experts like Andrew Defrancesco and other successful CEOs, make sure to consider their great business advice and tips. In this blog we take a look at some methods to improve your WordPress website experience, and accelerate your way to having your on-line presence felt, far and wide.

How to be the Proud Owner of a Boss Website

Hook, Line and Sinker

When a user first enters your website, the first 5 seconds are of the utmost importance. If they do not like what they see or are not visually stimulated by anything, they will click that back button faster than you can say; “Wait! Stay here: I’ll give you 50% off these trinkets! Always ensure your homepage has a ‘WOW’ factor and captivates your audience long enough for them to take a look around and see what you’re about.

Flawless Functionality

Your website is a direct and virtual representation of your business. If it is faulty, guess what, so is your business. You need to create and constantly maintain a 100% fully functioning site. Even one broken link on a page can lead a client’s faith to diminish in your product, and your site may lose all its credibility and damage your reputation. Put in the hard work with the initial start-up, and if you can afford it, get the help of an awesome developer. If you do not have the capability to effectively manage your site, you can always look at hiring someone to assist. Most importantly is to ensure that you run consistent usability tests, especially if new features or products have been added.


Ensure there are links on your WordPress site to your related Facebook, Instagram YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter and any other relevant social media pages. Furthermore they should all be interconnected throughout all your pages. To market this effectively, you should use live feeds from your Facebook and twitter on your website, instead of just a twitter icon button. The beauty of this is that it will create a more interactive touch to your social media elements .Ultimately; the goal is to draw potential customers from every possible source. By effectively harnessing the power of the internet tools available, an increase in audience will be hopefully felt.

The Power of Emotion

People buy based on their current state of emotions. Use this to your advantage; connect your product or service in a way that it is directly related to a core human value or emotion. All the best companies execute this tactic. Take Apple for example; they use the concepts of belonging and happiness, showing friends and family together, enjoying the product with a heavy focus on emotion. Be compassionate, be inspiring.

Call to Action

What is your WordPress website’s purpose and what does it serve to achieve? If you don’t know this, your visitors won’t either, so make it your mission to be clear, succinct and relevant. If you want to sell technology products, make technology products the first noticeable thing on your site.  Ask yourself, what is it exactly people are meant to do on my page? What actions should they take?

Focus every small aspect of your page on achieving that objective or enhance the conditions where that objective can be met easier. A common example is to offer discounts or product in exchange for the user signing up via email. Give them something of value; don’t simply just demand their email with a full page pop up; where is the trade off for them? How about their email address for a trial session, free package, or discount code?

Sealing the Deal

Know how to close a sale; this is a common pitfall at the end of the business life cycle for most amateur businesses. Always seal the deal! That’s the end of that chapter.., or is it? Of course not! You have to treat every sale as if it is going to be an ongoing relationship; you want your clients coming back again and again, so don’t simply sell and forget. Convert your page views into cash by following up leads and interested buyers. Offer incentives to buy, special offers for buying more of a product, and invent creative ways to keep the client interested.

Ask for their contact details and in return give them promos and exclusive email offers, which will consequently convert to further income for your business. Refer a friend and get 15% off, is a great example. It is effective as it not only makes the client feel good about receiving a discount on their items, but it draws another stakeholder into the equation. More potential customers mean more potential sales!

3 Steps Ahead

Stay 3 steps ahead of the competition; get in before common web trends. Be bold and make your own trends, design creatively, without rules and with maximum flare. A sure-fire way of making your company bankrupt is to remain stagnant. Look at a majority of the biggest, most successful, multi-billion dollar companies. They are all are agile, constantly changing and forming to market needs as well as creating new avenues of wealth, mostly through products that the client doesn’t even know they need. Do not be afraid of failure, embrace it. Don’t forget, you are a creator and a visionary, so act like it!

Top Tips:

  • The first 5 seconds a user spends on your website is crucial, make them want to stay
  • Anyone got a spanner? Perform regular maintenance and user testing on your website
  • Beam me up! Ensure all your social media platforms are seamlessly interconnected
  • Sell emotion first, product second
  • Make sure your mission is clear, succinct and relevant
  • The business interaction doesn’t end after the monetary transaction, keep it alive
  • Be creative, break barriers and create your own trends on your WordPress site

Any other tips for owning a boss website? Let us know!

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