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How Social Media Impacts Your Search Engine Rankings

For most of the last decade backlinks have been the most important aspect of SEO. Website owners were obsessed with anchor text, backlinks from PR5+ sites as much as a teenage boy is obsessed with sex. First decade of this century can be rightly regarded as the teen years of Internet and search engine optimization.

How Social Media Impacts your Search Engine Rankings

But with time SEO has become a much more difficult process and social media has also played a role in disrupting search engine optimization. Social Media can seriously impact your results. Social Media indicators such as like, share are actively monitored by search engines and most search engines have modified their algorithms to take into account a sites social media influence before calculating rankings for their search engine results page.

According to this post Matt Cutts head of Google Webspam team has confirmed that Google is using social signals for web rankings since December 2010. As already around 3 years have passed since this interview was published, so it’s quite reasonable to expect that now Google would be relying more on social media signals as compared to back links.

Google has integrated its search with Google plus platform. So you can’t ignore Google plus if you want better rankings on search engine results pages. In addition to this there have been reports that social media signals from other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also being used by all search engines for determining the rankings of websites in organic search.

Google has often stated that its purpose is to serve customers the best results possible for their queries. And if a particular piece of content has been shared thousands of times over different social media platforms it means users have found it interesting enough. Content creation and distribution consists an important part of SEO process and social media has proved one of the most effective tools for sharing and distributing content.

An experienced marketer understands that now SEO and social media strategy of a business needs to be aligned in order to achieve better results. Almost all studies conducted on social media agree that social media plays an ever increasing role in SEO. Social signals are much better in filtering noise and they give search engines a better idea about what consumers really like. Although this doesn’t means that you must join every LinkedIn or Google plus group and

Although social media has not proved effective in generating sales and most Marketers are now also unable to quantify the real impact of social media over their sales. But even critics of social media agree that it is the best tool for branding, or, distributing content and plays an important role in SEO.

What are your experiences with social media impact on SEO?


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