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Why Guest Blogging Is Here To Stay

Guest blogging is when bloggers write for another site or blog. This usually comes with the trade-off that the owner of the guest blog will also write for the blog of the guest writer (guest blog exchange), or with the deal to allow the guest writer to promote his or her own blog on the guest blog (usually in the form of a link back to the guest blogger’s site, at the bottom of the post). Guest writers can also promote the blog where they guested in their own blogs.

Why Guest Blogging is Here to Stay

Initially thought of as just a trend or a smart move practiced by blog writers to be exposed to more readers outside his or her usual following, guest blogging has evolved to become a brilliant strategy for both the guest writer and the guest blog owner, even businesses both big and small.

Some pundits argue that guest blogging is on the decline and will cease entirely because of the changes in Google’s algorithms from the Panda and Penguin updates, but experts are more inclined to believe it is here to stay. Here are just some of their reasons:

Guest Blogging is a Cheaper Alternative to Advertising – It has already been mentioned that a guest blogger can promote his or her blog in a guest blog, this essentially becomes a free (and subtle) method of being able to persuade readers to visit your site.

Guest Bloggers Bring in Other Readers – Avid followers of a writer are likely to follow him or her to your site if the writer guest blogs. When that happens, say hello to an audience apart from your usual readers. Of course, more readers to your site translates to more Internet traffic.

You can use those numbers to your advantage whenever you want to promote your site.

Additional Exposure for Guest Bloggers – As said above, guest blogging lets writers get access to an audience apart from their own. Readers who share the guest blog with their friends also help to provide guest bloggers even wider exposure.

Being Able to Invite Guest Bloggers Builds Reputation – “Wow!” readers exclaim, “(You) was able to get (insert name of popular blogger here) to write on his/her blog? (You) must be influential or something.” You get the idea?

You Can Get an Expert Opinion – When an interesting topic is brought up on your blog comments section (and this section is a must if you want to touch base with your readers), this sets the perfect stage to bring in someone who is qualified to talk about the said topic.

Bringing in an expert can also apply to any situation when many of your readers have a common question they want answered.

In relation to the reason cited above, being able to bring in an expert will add all the more to your reputation and credibility. 

It Can Make You Part of a Mutual Blogger Network – Inviting bloggers to guest in your blog will open the door for you to get to know more bloggers. More guest bloggers means more chances for you to be able to promote your blog in their blogs. Keep this this up and you could become part of a blogger network that mutually promote each other’s sites.

The more bloggers know about the writing and promotion opportunities at your site the more offers for guest posts you will receive.

It Opens Up More Ad Opportunities –The resulting Internet traffic will not just attract more bloggers; companies, advertisers and service providers who see your site as a goldmine of potential paying customers will also be attracted by the Internet traffic you’re getting.

It Can Help Improve Blogging Skills – Bloggers can learn from each other, whether these are new writing techniques, persuasion skills and even funny stories and experiences. This is just one benefit of being part of a network.

What are your thoughts on guest blogging, here to stay?

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