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Guest Blogging Etiquette

Are you an active blogger? Are you so productive that at times you find you have so much to write about and update too often? Why not try writing for another person’s blog? This practice is common nowadays and it’s called guest blogging. Guest blogging will not only give you good exposure on another person’s blog, it will give that blog a fresh perspective and even fresh topics. Here we’ll look at some guest blogging etiquette.

Guest blogging also goes both ways, you can ask others to write on their blog and you can also invite them to write for yours. This usually comes with the agreement to promote the blog you will guest for in your own blog, another added benefit to guest blogging.

Have you made up your mind about guest blogging? Have you found a blog you want to guest in? How do you go about “applying” as a guest blogger?

Guest blogging etiquette

Research the Blog Where You Want to Submit a Guest Post

You don’t want to charge in before you know what’s going on. Read the articles on the blog to get the general idea of what it’s about. Reading the different articles there will also give you a good idea of the tone and manner of how they are written. Some blog owners might even have requirements for guest bloggers, so it pays to know this before you contact them.

Contact the Blog Owner and Include a Sample

Email the blog owner that you are interested in guest blogging. Already include sample material you want to contribute to the blog site and make sure it is will written and edited so he or she can get a good gauge on your writing skills.

It would help to mention that the sample is for this effect; don’t give the blog owner the assumption that you expect that material to be published immediately and en toto.

Supply Your Credentials

Make sure the owner of the blog you want to guest in knows all there is to know about you…all data that’s relevant, that is. If you think your educational background counts, let them know. If you think your work experience can sway the decision, tell them about it. If you feel your experiences can make a difference then you can mention this.

Take note that this should not be taken as the time to brag about what you have studied, where you have worked and the things you have experienced. Rather, try to convince the blog owner you are a very credible, interesting and capable writer that his bloggers should get to read.

Provide Your Blog Statistics

Another thing sure to impress owners of blogs you want to guest in is statistics. Show the blog owner he or she has something to gain with entering into a mutual guest writing/blog promotion agreement with you.

There are now many tools you can use to determine the Internet traffic on your blog, as well as where readers come from, what time of day readership peaks and how readers are accessing your blog, among other useful information. Tools like Google Analytics, Raventools, WebTrends, SiteCatalyst and Lyris HQ Agency Edition are only a few of them.

Be a Competent Blogger

Once you have entered into an agreement with a blog owner for a guest blogging spot, make sure you won’t be a problem. Submit your guest blogs ahead of the deadline and make sure you’ve edited the material. Nothing gives a blog owner a headache like receiving an article just before the deadline that has many factual and grammatical errors and typos.

Also make sure you stick to the agreed frequency of contributions, don’t give the blog owner the problem of rushing to find replacement material just because you weren’t ready to submit.

With just a little etiquette you can increase your chances at a guest blogging opportunity, make sure you don’t blow it.

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