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The Good And Bad Of Guest Blog Outreach

I wanted to write a “quick” post about Guest Blog Outreach, or for that matter any form of outreach. Specifically the do’s and dont’s and what I think works (from experience of being on the receiving end as well as doing outreach myself).

The Good and Bad of Guest Blog Outreach

The majority of emails that land in my inbox from people I don’t know are those asking for the opportunity to guest post on my blog. This is at times flattering, but unfortunately after reading most if not all of the emails (if I have time) it is clear that these people don’t in fact want to post on my blog, but that they want any blog to accept their guest post resulting in a link.

This is where I see the first problem. Link builders of varying levels of talent are flooding inboxes with largely irritating attempts at getting a link. Many emails containing extremely poor English, let alone the articles they send through. One example:

“Hello Lucy! I am ##### …. I’m not widely published yet, but I’m very interested in guest posting in your blog ####. I discovered you through Google, I searched about Internet Business Marketing, Social Media and Design Blogs and your blog was one of the top results(Impressive!!)……”

This was only the first paragraph but already I see a problem…the first signs of an unpersonalised, bulk outreach attempt. Unfortunately, my blog is not in any of the top results for Internet Business Marketing, Social Media, or Design blogs. My rankings for these terms or those related are not ‘impressive’. Fortunately for me, rankings are not really my focus when writing this blog. Moving on… Another example:

“Hi, I’m #####, a blogger from USA. I’ve been reading your blog and found the article “Google’s Data Highlighter” very interesting. As you accept guest posts I was thinking I could write you an article on “Some Basic Fundamental Tips For Your Blog” or something as per your interest. The content I provide would be Copyscape protected and at no cost to you. In return I just need a clean backlink to my site www.#####.com….”

This to me looks like an automated email. Filling in the gaps with the blog URL, and referencing an ‘interesting’ article, as well as stating it would be Copyscape protected. All I’m going to say on this matter is whatever you do, do not blast emails asking to post crap in exchange for a link that most likely points to an equally crappy website.

Here is what you should do instead:

  • Don’t ask for links. Don’t make it blindingly obvious that a link is all you are after. Instead build relationships with bloggers. Links will come naturally!
  • Do some RESEARCH, and make your email relevant. Often people slip up with the most basic things. For example not reading the guest post guidelines (if there are any).
  • Make sure your emails have a good writing style, have excellent English grammar, and preferably are intelligent and articulate. Bloggers are highly unlikely to accept a guest post from someone who writes an incoherent email.
  • Most of all, I’d prefer someone to be brutally honest about why they are emailing me, possibly throw in a bit of humour and stand out from the many boring emails I get daily. If you can make me laugh from your outreach email, it is highly likely I will review your article, and possibly even publish it.

That is all 🙂

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