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Freelance Writing Opportunities in Australia

Freelance writing is fast becoming a profession in demand. With the world of work transitioning to an increasingly flexible model, more and more people are working from home. Writing is one of those jobs that requires no supervision, so lots of content creation companies are happy to let their staff work from their living room. Many people have contract writing agreements with organisations thousands of miles away from them. Proximity is not required when it comes to the writer/client relationship, and so this is why we are seeing a rise in opportunities for freelancers.

Freelance Writing Opportunities in Australia

The benefits for the businesses that engage with freelance writers is minimum commitment. They don’t need to pay overheads for the writer’s presence in their office, nor do they need to pay superannuation, leave entitlements and any other benefits a traditional staff member might expect to receive.

While lack of security, irregular paychecks and an uncertain working future might scare off some would be writers, for others, it is the dream. Just imagine taking off to Bali to work for a while or making a remote beach in Thailand your office. Are you all ears now? We thought so. With that, let’s look at some of the opportunities for freelance writers in Australia.

For online freelance writing, the most visited websites include Uptasker, Freelancer and Copify.



Created in Cape Town, Uptasker is an online marketplace enabling people to outsource tasks to bidders. The poster will create a job and set a pay rate, and candidates can bid their price. The bidder can also provide a rationale as to why they are the best person for the job. Every opportunity exists on Uptasker; it is not uncommon to see requests for a McDonald’s run and house delivery ( likely hungover posters!). There is a variety of copywriting tasks available on Uptasker, so this portal is a great place to find work. Be warned; the acceptance rate for jobs is low in the start as posters tend to go for the taskers with a high volume of completed tasks and good ratings.



Freelancer is an American company but this article is about freelance writing opportunities, so it doesn’t matter where the organisation is based!

This platform is specifically for professional, technical and creative jobs. Expect to find projects like app and web development, SEO optimisation and of course content creation. Similar to Uptasker, interested freelancers place their bids and let their portfolios do the talking.


This platform is perhaps lesser known than the others mentioned, but it has lots of opportunities for eager freelance writers. A writing specific website, Copify categorises different content types separately. These areas include e-commerce, email writing and press releases.

Copify is reserved for very talented writers so expect to be rejected in the first instance (unless you are exceptional!). Copify has many big players in its Portfolio; Ebay, Hays Recruitment and even Amazon have used this powerful platform for their content needs. Writers have a high standard to achieve, but the rewards of working with awesome clients make it all worthwhile.

For those seeking a more traditional writing gig with a personalised feel, there are many opportunities on job websites like Seek, Indeed, Zora and even Gumtree.

Mr Motivator

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur? Maybe you want your clients to come to you rather than you go hunting for work. In this case, you need to design yourself a little website ( or use Uptasker to find someone to create it for you!). Register a business name, get yourself an ABN, start marketing yourself and wait for the clients to come. Beware, lots of people are setting up their side hustle these days, so competition is fierce. You can make cash from freelancing, however; just exhibit determination, and more importantly, talent.

Overall, the current scope for freelance writers is very high all over the world, and Australia is no exception to that. Wannabe writers need to be more open to the idea of temporary and casual work as freelancers. Indeed there are downsides to freelance work, but the freedom, entrepreneurship and ability to make your schedule is food for the soul!

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