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Effective Blog Writing

Now that you have your blog in place you need to deliver informative and easy to read blogs that revolve around your product, service or industry, using the most effective blog writing technique possible. You also need to put your own stamp on your blog. There are many different styles of blogging each with its own set of rules – but the number one rule – no matter what your style is – is to keep your content fresh.

Effective Blog Writing

Effective Blog Styles

When it comes to writing a blog the best ones have both fascinating topics and well written articles. Try and make your blog as interesting to someone who lives across town, or to someone who lives half way around the world. If your writing isn’t good, people won’t read past the first paragraph. The online competition is stiff and you don’t want to turn readers away if your content is boring or hard to understand. There are many different styles of blogging you can use depending on the readers you want to draw in so let’s take time to look at some popular styles.

  • Link Blogging: This is a long list of links to other blogs, websites or content which you offer simply as a resource that will lead back to one of your blog postings.
  • Brand Blogging: simply a blog about your brand – products or services – this type of blog is very informative and should contain positive information about your products or services.
  • List Blogging is a style that is used by many bloggers, simply if you do a Google search on any topic there is bound to be an article that discusses for example the *Top 10 of…*– many people find this incredibly helpful and these type of blog posts are favorites to get shared among readers.
  • Video Blogging: is a very effective marketing tool, if you create a video, post it to your blog you’ll be surprised how many people will become interested. Videos are effective especially for those who don’t have time to sit and read and who like to find out information via video.
  • Photo Blogging: If your business is the kind that can work with the *a picture paints 1000 words* scenario, posting photos is a great approach. Just remember to use a few paragraphs of writing – or captions so your viewers can understand what is going on.
  • Event Blogging: If your business is the type that attends trade shows and events you can blog about your thoughts and opinions on the event, new products you’ve seen etc. Often people who can’t attend events such as these will appreciate being able to read about it.
  • Survey Blogging: Readers love to answer questions on subjects that are of interest to them, so this is a great way of communicating with them and letting them know their thoughts and opinions are important to you.
  • Guest Blogging: Is a blog you write with the objective of having someone else use your work on their blog. This type of post often promotes discussion between the writer and the blog owner with both parties benefitting.

Whatever style you chose, keep an eye on your traffic and if something isn’t working try another blog writing style.

What is your preferred blogging style?


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