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Digital Trends in 2019

As we near the end of another year it’s time to look to 2019 and new digital trends that will reign supreme online.

Digital Trends in 2019


Sometimes chatbots can be bothersome, mainly when you are familiar with a certain website. But overall these artificial intelligence virtual assistants, in audio or text form are proving to be popular additions to businesses with a high volume online presence. Two thousand nineteen will see bots become more widespread, helpful and human-like!

Video Marketing

Big in 2018 and continuing to grow in 2019, video marketing is set to take the digital crown. There is a desire from the consumer population for real, relatable advertising, and content marketers are shrinking away from glossy perfection. Down to earth, an informative and engaging video will continue to dominate. Part of digital marketing push on video content creation is the evident success of the influencer community on Youtube and Instagram. Marketers have sat up and taken note of the rise of the influencer and the dollar sign attached to their persona online. Sportswear companies for example now know that selling to a young audience can now mostly take place through a gym bunny with 100,000 followers wearing their gear.

Email Marketing

While there are advancements in digital media that will sparkle next year, traditional media forms are also making a comeback. Email marketing has seen something of a revival this year, and again influencers have a part to play in this. There is a focus on forming connections with their audience through a range of mediums to increase their digital footprint, and in turn sponsorships. It is now common for your favourite insta star to tell you to swipe up to join their mailing list.

Email marketing can be hit and miss due to low open rates, but given their generation is low cost  this digital doozy will continue to shine in 2019. With cool websites like MailChimp making mass emailing easy, email marketing is a no brainer.

Guest Blogging

Worth their weight in gold, guest blogs will continue to gain traction next year. As online businesses are learning more about authority building online, it makes sense that guest blogging will continue to thrive. Twoggle is always keen to hear about guest blog opportunities or can offer space on our page for those interested in contributing. For more information about our guest blog opportunities, click here.

Voice Search Marketing

This one will slowly take steps into mainstream online shopping experiences before really kicking off in 2020. But 2019 will mark a new era for customers. We already engage in this type of media; Siri is always on hand to help iPhone users, so the next logical step will be for consumers to be able to make purchases by speaking into their handset!


There is a real value for customers to log onto their favourite online store to be greeted personally. Individually targeting customers with unique banners and little messages will grow in use by marketers. This tender loving care approach is a great way to build brand loyalty.

Social Media Live Booking Functionality

It can be tedious to peruse a restaurant website only to find it is a Facebook page. Excitingly businesses are sitting up and taking note; customers want to be able to do everything digitally these days, and that includes making dinner reservations. Social media platforms will reach their full potential, with an increasing number of business pages integrating a booking function.

Twoggle to the Top

Locally, Twoggle will continue to rise to the top of the blogging charts. We are planning on delivering even more informative, exciting and easy reads all for your pleasure. Get in touch if there is a topic you want to know more about. We will be happy to hook you up!

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