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Copywriting – Get It Right

Copywriting is unavoidable for any business, particularly those with an online presence. Sometimes getting business content right, is, to be quite honest, not that easy. The market is saturated with content, and a large volume of it is non-productive paragraphs that are not serving the business justice. This article examines some critical points that each business, big or small, should consider, when creating content.

Copywriting - Get it Right


Readers want something meaty to get their teeth into. Contrary to popular belief, concise content does not fare better. While we are not suggesting that you write thousands of words, content exceeding 300 words generally offers the customer a more substantial experience. Getting the balance right is important of course. The content needs to be read-worthy and generous in length; but not so lengthy as to deter the reader.

Fresh as the Summer Breeze

Just like the song, your content needs to be fresh and exciting. Mastering your content is one thing, reviving it is quite another. There is nothing more unappealing than an out of date website, with content that is no longer applicable. A neglected blog is just as bad. Make sure to set aside time each week to update your copy. Make sure to utilise the same time, as this will build reader confidence in your content, and in turn your product (if your website is for pleasure, not business, your product is you!).

Make it Mobile

So you have the words down pat, but is the content mobile friendly? People are consuming much of their media via their cell phones, so ensuring it is easily legible is imperative. Short paragraphs and punchy sentences assist with this, as does more crucially, ensuring your website is mobile friendly. Make sure social media share buttons are featured, as mobile users are more like to share content than those at a desktop/laptop.

Mix up Media

Ok so this might be a bit left field considering we are discussing copywriting, but a good idea is to ensure to add in some other mediums of communication into your piece. An image, or even better, a video will boost your content and further solidify the message that you are striving to convey. We only have to look at the number of Youtube video uploads on a daily basis, to fully appreciate the power of film ; 500 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute. Absolutely gobsmacking. To even begin to work out how much that equates to in 24 hours is a task too much for my little brain.


Ok, this one might seem painstakingly obvious, but not everyone gets it. Original content is a rare beauty these days. Most stuff on the internet is a regurgitation of someone else’s work. Some website content is a downright copy. Neither is acceptable. True, the subject of what yuou speak about has probably been covered a million times over. This is unavoidable. What is in control however, is the wonderfully unique stamp that you manage to give it. After all, the purpose of your copy is to engage, and engagement brings with it, repeat visits. Give your fans what they want. And in turn your will be doing yourself a massive service.

These are just a couple of nifty tips to keep in mind, when creating copy for a website, be it business or personal. We are really interested to hear some feedback regarding any other tips that they might have. Share the love!


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