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How To Continue Building Backlinks

We Want to Start Building Backlinks

How to Continue Building Backlinks займ в 20 лет без отказа

Creating content that has a lasting presence and continuous readership is really the aim of the game. It’s not uncommon in content marketing circles to create content, do some outreach to gain links, then start again with fresh content. This cycle seems exhausting and wasteful. What if there are ways to get better bang for our buck, and get our content working for us long after it has been written? There are ways people. The aim is to create content that will continue to gain links, even when we have forgotten about it. I don’t mean to make this sound easy; it’s not, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Here are some top tips on growing those back-links.

A Source of Trust

Creating content that is accurate and educational is an important starting point for the generation of backlinks. If your content  provides unique  industry vitals and statistics, it may become a source of citation for other writers. In the short term, producing such content will take longer but the long-term benefits are clear; people will continue to refer to it. Are you a master in a topic and feel confident that you can write informative content on it? The more specific and rare that your content is, the greater potential there is for links on an external page.  Perhaps even better than just generating a link embedded in anchor text is achieving syndicated content, which can be your full article, snippet or thumbnail (with obvious citation and link back)

So, this is the theory, but how do we put this into practice?

A first port of call might be to do some market research. There may be an area of your field that has little knowledge published around it, or perhaps you feel you can debunk an industry myth that is largely unfounded. You will need to invest time into ensuring accuracy and factual data is extracted from your studies, but the unique content that can be formed from this will be invaluable in your link building quest.


Tapping into emerging trends, topics and concepts of interest is pivotal in forecasting what content will work, and continue to work for you. And content that works, is content that gains links. A great way to find out about relatively unknown concepts or topics is to find out what people are asking for. And we can do this by stalking different websites, and reading comments, or visiting threads and examining trending talks. You may find that there is a recurring field that people are asking about, but is still largely uncovered. Are you going to be one of the first sources of accurate information in this field? If so, then get ready for some serious citation and back-linking.

Will I let you in on a little secret? There is an awesome website called www.bloomberry.com which essentially searches the internet for the most asked questions on your topic of choice. The idea is that the user can identify their customers wants and needs through their buying journey. This is one app that I am downloading this weekend.

Beginner Content

Beginner content is always going to gain an audience. The reason is that with everything there comes a learning curve, so while you might be a master in content marketing, someone else might not be. Remember that content marketing for dummies piece you wrote six months back? Share that bad boy again!

Data Points and Lists

Content that is very data driven or contains lists is always very valuable to own. Going back to the citation point I made earlier (which seems to underpin most points in this article) data and list based articles always make excellent points of reference for other website content. Perhaps you  have written the ‘definitive guide of cookie cutters on the market’. Joe Blogs of Joe Blogs Cookie store is discussing cookie cutting techniques in his latest article. Your wee guide may be perfect for him to reference to at this point. Again, creating data heavy content is time consuming but it will work better for you in the long run.

Building back-links can be hard but with the right strategy super effective for SEOClick To Tweet

Guest Blogging

Nothing particularly new about guest blogging, but it is still moderately effective. The difficulty is getting your guest post featured on a high-volume platform, where there will be click backs to your website. If you follow the above steps, and write unique, quality content that offers a solution for your reader, then you might be half way there already.

Let us know what you make of this post on link building after the content has been published. Have you found any methods that have been beneficial for your back-link building goals?


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