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Brand Building: Useful Tips for your New Business

Brand building! There is nothing more exciting in the life of a brand new entrepreneur than to start the dreaming and planning stage of a new initiative. I think every single one of us is creative in a different way. And each of us can bring to the table something unique and useful to impact others. So I thought it would be good to give you some tips for creating a brand!

I would love to guide you through a simple overview of what you need to think about if you want to start a brand. You might have a product or service in mind, but sometimes it can be difficult to order your ideas and find a start point or next step. So let me give you a hand with that!

Brand building and useful tips for your new business

What (Product/service)

So you’ve come up with an idea. You either have created or found a product or service that you think people need or that you think people would want to get. Hopefully what you’ve decided to sell is something that will bring good to people’s lives.

An advice I could give you when it comes to this is to know your product. If you created it, make sure to do it with good quality material depending on the purpose. Also make sure that you work on the design of the product or service so it looks attractive.

Now lets imagine you are not the maker of the product but you decide to import it or buy it from someone else for distribution. Please make sure that you know where the product comes from and the materials it is made out of. You never want to be accused of supporting businesses that trade worker’s wellbeing or environmental care for a cheaper price. If what you are selling is a service, decide to be recognised for doing it well. Decide to stand out for excellence and quality of service, including your facilities, staff and customer service policies.

What you are selling and why you are doing it will determine the identity of your brand and everything else that flows from it (marketing and advertising). So this leads us to our next point.

Why (Purpose of the brand) 

The purpose for which you choose to sell something and what you choose to sell go hand in hand. People choose to sell things hopefully for a purpose other than just making money. So why have you chosen your product? What do you want to accomplish? What you do want your product to produce in people’s lives? What do you want to be recognised for?

The why of your brand will definitely determine how you choose to advertise it, what audience it is targeting and its design. You need to have the purpose of your brand engraved in your heart, so you can communicate this not only to the people you will work with, but to your future customers. If you know where you are going, people will follow. If you don’t people will probably not feel attracted to your brand either.

How (Means of communication)

You can have the most amazing product or idea on earth. But the way you advertise it and you make it come across to your possible customers will define whether people decide to buy it or not. Do your research, compare google ads and facebook ads as well as Spotify advertising program see which platform is better for your company to advertise on.

Let’s start with language. You need to make sure that the words you use to describe the product and its purpose is according to your audience and according to what you want to accomplish through your brand.

Design also goes hand in hand with language, because one involves literary communication and the other visual communication. Make sure the colours, shapes and style of your brand are faithful to what you want to communicate.

Also, you need to be mindful that even though you can renew a brand’s style and design, it is not the best idea to be consistently changing its look or its message. Good brands decide for a style and stick to it. Embracing small changes and different ways or presenting their products creatively through small campaigns throughout the year. But the basics of the brand and its message stay the same.


Nobody ever met success by themselves, we need each other even in the corporate world. And this time I am not talking about internal teamwork, but about  external partnerships. Specially for a startup brand, it is very important to find good partnerships with organisations that will help your brand grow. Partnerships that will help you build a good customer network and that learn how to manage yourself in the business world.

You can always learn from those who are more experienced than you. And this is a decision that you need to make in wise terms. Find who has characteristics or even work ethic patterns that align to your brand’s purpose and choose to grow together. This requieres humility and trust from your side but you can only learn in the process.

Hope this article gave you at least some basic tips to consider if your are starting your own brand. What else do you think is worth considering?

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