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How To Start Blogging With MS Word

Microsoft Word, or MS Word, has long been default program when it comes to writing on a computer or laptop. No other program offers more features and choices when it comes to making reports, keeping journals or writing stories. Little wonder it has seen multiple versions through the years and is still preferred for use in homes, government offices and workplaces.

How to Start Blogging With MS Word

The good news is you can do your blogging with MS Word, the better news is that you can even publish your blog directly from MS Word with popular blog sites WordPress and Blogger without going to the blog site itself. Here’s how:

For WordPress

Before you can start making WordPress blogs with MSWord take note that you have to set up a WordPress blog. Don’t worry, WordPress is known for its ease of use, especially for those just starting to blog.

Pick a URL that has not been taken then provide the personal information required for your account. Pick a theme for your site and connect it to your social media account. After WordPress confirms your email address you can now begin writing your blog.

Open MSWord, click on “File” and choose “New”. Under “Available Templates” choose “Blog Post” and click on “Create”.

Look at top menu, to the right of the “File” tab you should see the “Blog Post” tab. Under this is “Manage Accounts”. Click on “Manage Accounts” and pick the account with which you want to publish the blog. Click on “New Account” and choose WordPress from the drop menu. 

You will be prompted for your blog’s URL (enter it without the “www.”), your account name and password.

After that just write your blog the same way you have been writing MSWord documents for years. Many of the features and functionalities you have come to be familiar with will be available.

After you have finished writing, click on the “Publish” button in the top left of the window and your post should be uploaded to your WordPress blog. It should look exactly like how you made it on MSWord, but the spacing and colors will adhere to the theme you choose for your blog. You can make changes to the theme anytime you want. 

WordPress has a $25-per-year plan, but you can also opt for the free unlimited blog hosting plan, although this will have limited features.

For Blogger

You will need a Google account to use Blogger. Go to Blogger and log in with your Google account. 

By default your blog will be linked to your Google+ account, but you also have the option to log in with a limited Blogger account. 

Take note that while you will still have to log in with your Google account, you can pick a new username for your Blogger profile. However if you do this the two won’t be publicly linked. 

Go to the Blogger dashboard, it should display a list of blogs you own, though for now this should be empty. 

Click on “New Blog”, choose a URL that has not been taken and pick the theme for your site. After you are satisfied with your choices, click on “Create Blog.”

Open MSWord then follow the same steps as above; click on “File” and choose “New”. Under “Available Templates” choose “Blog Post” and click on “Create”.

Under the “Blog Post” tab click “Manage Accounts” and pick your Blogger account.

Write your blog and click on “Publish” after you are done. 

Blogger has the obvious advantage of Google account integration. However, with Blogger you can’t upload images you have included in your blog directly to Blogger. You have to do that manually with the Blogger Content Management System then arrange them on site.

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