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Blogging And Social Media – A 360 Approach

Do you know that there is now an accredited social media course being delivered in Australia? This is a picture-perfect example of the incredible shift there has been around the validity of social media as an educational field of its own. While this marketing medium is nothing new to the average business owner, the fact that there is now theoretical material behind it might be. With that in mind, this blog is focusing on the cohesion of blogging and social sharing, and how to effectively implement and use both in unison. Blogging social media, here we come! займ для студента 18 лет

Blogging and Social Media - A 360 Approach

Do you have a social media platform?

I hope this is a silly question. If it’s not, then get your butt on to Facebook quick smart. There is probably only a handful of offenders here but nevertheless it needs to be mentioned. Have your Facebook account? Great. Post regularly? Hopefully. First thing you should invest time in is your Facebook housekeeping. Presumably you are utilising the platform to compliment your website. If so, have you ensured that you are using all the features available and relevant to you? Here is a little check-list:

  • Call to action button
  • Website link
  • Phone number/Address if applicable
  • Reviews – Again will depend
  • Images!
  • Automated message for enquiries


Promoting your blog through social media is pretty much THE way to drive traffic; unless you are an Instagram star or influencer, the blogging audience are not likely to be randomly stumbling across your website. Anytime you post to your website, make sure that you share to your Facebook. Then jump to your Facebook and tease your audience with a sample of the post; but just a little taster. Think of something that the reader simply must click; I don’t want to say click bait but you catch my drift. Similarly ensure that you always invite your web readers to follow you on Facebook.


While you may have a very particular voice on your blog, which can border on opinionated, Facebook and other social media platforms are not always the best place to be yourself. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a degree of superficiality is required. Facebook for instance is a casual virtual hangout; a place to chill with your squad and draw in new readers. However, it is also a war zone in terms of vitriol, trolling and other internet new age nuances. People like to argue on Facebook, and I must admit I love to read a good virtual scrap while its occurring. As a blogger, however, you need to thread carefully. Your topics may be offensive to some people because let’s face it, lots of people love being offended. And while controversy can to a degree be an excellent boost to your blogging profile, it is also morally desirable to present yourself well on social media. Try to stay out of political, religious and any other controversial debates; too many bloggers have been burned by expressing their true selves; a sad but very truth.

Given this article is centred around social media and blogging working in symbiosis, you can now see why a bad reputation one platform could potentially damage the reputation of your website, be it personal or business.


If your business is not limited by borders in terms of locality it can trade with, then social media gives access to a massive global reach. In the same way, bloggers for personal or business gain, can tap into their audience in a massive way. The world of advertising is forever changed with the emergence of social media, and as a business or personal blogger, you better be taking a piece of the marketing cake while it is going cheap. While it is awesome to be able to connect with people on social media and draw them towards your blog, you need to make sure that your content and website alike are awesome. Don’t disappoint your followers by leading them on false pretences.

Lazy Cheat

Facebook, Instagram and the all-powerful Snapchat work wonders in times of laziness. You might be lagging in terms of your blog content, but if you can’t post something to your social media accounts, even if it’s a picture, you are still winning. It is a form of engagement, and keeps your blog followers secure in the knowledge that you are still alive. Even if you are a sloth version of your former self.

I hope that these tips give you some insight into why blogging and social media are just a couple of cosy peas in a pod.

Let me know your thoughts!

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