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How Bloggers Help Marketers

Blogging began on the internet as a good way to express yourself, you could talk about anything; your likes, dislikes, your stories and experiences. Through the years, however, it has evolved to serve as more than just an outlet for those who wanted to share their agonies and victories. Different people can now do more with blogging including, but definitely not limited to, socializing, promoting a business, finding employment as a writer and even swaying political or cultural views.

Blogging has also proven to be beneficial to those who want to do business on the internet. This goes especially for those in the ad business who now have to deal with the so-called “new media” separate from television, radio and print.

So how is blogging good for advertisers or marketers and more importantly how can bloggers help marketers?

How bloggers help marketers

Subtle Advertising

Hating ads has become a second nature for some people; they switch to another channel when they play on TV, they don’t pay much attention when they play on the radio and barely give them a glance when they browse the papers or magazines. What does this tell you? Hard selling is not as effective as it used to be.

Thanks to the internet and blogging, there is now a method of subtle sell called affiliate marketing. Bloggers talk about the different products and services, but not the way marketers traditionally would. As opposed to straight selling, they pass it off as a product or services review, or even a funny story.

They talk about what happened when they used a product, their experience of a service and other things. The trick is to make it so subtle the reader becomes curious about the product or service, then BAM! They are lured into trying it.

Wider Reach

Advertisers who use bloggers have the added advantage of reaching more people, even those they didn’t count among their target demographics. Another good thing about this? It’s the readers who go out and find the blogs, so there’s no effort involved for the advertiser or marketer to seek them out.

More Information can be Shared About a Product or Service

A paid ad can only tell you very limited information about a product or service because it is limited by airtime (for television and radio) and space (for newspaper). With a blog, you don’t have airtime limitation and you can have more space because you don’t have to have those attractive visual elements that always have to be present in an ad.

Bloggers share more information about the product or service because they can go into the little details, the strengths, even areas that need improvement (there must be a little constructive criticism for it to become a genuine review after all).

A Blog Can Let Readers Ask Questions about a Product or Service

A paid ad is static; you hear it for a while then it disappears, you see it on a page but it does absolutely nothing. One the other hand a blogger who has written about a product or service will have a comments page (because they love feedback) where their readers can ask questions about the said product or service. The more questions are answered, the more likely their curiosity will be piqued.

Cheaper in the Long Run

Advertisers or marketers have to pay a lot for airtime and space in the broadsheets or magazines. This is not so in the case of bloggers. Arrangements can also be made with bloggers for them to experience an upgrade of the service or receive a select version of the product as opposed to cash payment. The more popular the product or service is, the more attractive this offer becomes.


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