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Blogger’s Guide to Influence in 2017 and Beyond

It is the middle of the year 2017 and perhaps you have looked at your blog and wondered; am I hitting the right notes? What can I do to capture the readers and increase the influence of my work? Twoggle to the rescue as usual! We have a nifty little blog right here to talk you through the trends that have impacted blogging in 2017. Even better, we have a few predictions for blogging influences up our sleeves – enjoy this guide to influence

So, without further ado, here are the trends that will impact you blog this year. Get ready to compete with the other bloggers out there!

Blogger’s Guide to Influence in 2017 and Beyond

Minimalism and Mobile Optimization

Gone are the days where cramming as much information, links and images onto a single webpage is the aim.  As a result, minimalism has now paved the way; think simple menus, bare landing pages and more imagery.

The minimalism trend in blogging stems from a focus on mobile optimization. More and more blogs are focusing their attention on mobile optimized sites. With the added and very recent redevelopment of Google’s mobile optimization web search ranking system, ensuring mobile friendly sites are getting search hits has never been so important.

Minimalism is making it easier website owners to curate their blogs for the reader.Therefore, less is more it seems.

SEO and Data Focused

SEO was an elusive concept to me a couple of years ago; today the world and it’s grandma understands SEO.

When discussing eating fruit and vegetables regularly ( I am clearly on a diet), most sites will incorporate ‘clean eating’ or ‘healthy living’ as their main SEO. Sure, it could be annoying if it is in every second line, but it works when used in the right way.  Incorporating keywords is important, but equally imperative is that they work within the text. Make sure the content reads well!

Data engagement and drawing in users doesn’t stop there; in 2017 more and more bloggers will draw on old posts of the past. This is excellent news for those of us that have heaps of old posts; perfect opportunity to recycle! By drawing on these old posts,writers will see which content created hits and which was a miss. This then allows them to refine their work and create reader driven content.

So, of course we can have the tools we need to succeed in 2017 however it takes a lot more than current trends to succeed. Consequently, you must call on your clairvoyance skills to  predict where blogging will go.

Now lets look to the future!!

Live Blogging and Video

Look, I might cop it on this one, but a lot of sites that I considered when researching trends said live video is a thing for this year. Live Video and blogging is progressively becoming more popular,and this coupling is guaranteed to enable blogger to nail content structure. Going back to SEO and Data focused blogs, with incorporation of live video will focus on capturing audiences. Examples include  make up tutorials and work out plans.

Blogging as Marketing

While it already happens, I think we will reach a point where we won’t be able to read a blog without an endorsement in some form.  “This blog was endorsed by…” or “This post was sponsored by…” is becoming a more common feature on blog posts; It seems where there are people there are marketing opportunities. Soon, come end of 2017 early 2018, published posts will be focused and targeted, based primarily on products and those who use them.

This will even drive personal narratives from the blogger: “My day was high intensity and stressful, so glad I had my deodorant from my sponsor” (the people in the lift you were in with will be glad as well).

So why is this the case? The last point gives more insight.

Bloggers as Influencers

Both writers on Advertise World and Katy Widrick have both used the term “Influencers” to describe bloggers. At first, I disagreed but when you consider everything I have just written you too would agree. Gone are the days of putting words to thoughts. Blogging today is targeted, focused and marketed. It intends to evoke a response, to influence. Michelle, an editor, from Advertise World sums it up nicely “They want to be seen as industry leaders who have the power to affect change. To this end, they will concentrate more on influencing and less on simply putting out content”.

Influential Bloggers is the direction of where blogging will go, with a drive to focus and capture readers to drive them to react and respond. This is the power of blogging and as we pass through halfway of 2017 it is time to look at your blog. Ask yourself this – “Am I a blogger or an influencer?”

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