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Blog With Success – Part 3

Building your Audience

So after part 1 and 2 of our blogging series, we can only assume that you are working it like a boss. At this point, we have laid some foundations for you in respect to blogging platforms, and digital media skills. Once you have nailed these, it is time to really start promoting your blog, and building your audience. We don’t believe in the used car salesman type tactics, but in order to “sell” your blog, you may have to get in people’s faces. After all, we have previously mentioned the ridiculous amount of content that is uploaded every day. How many people are really going to see your work, if it is hiding amongst the rest of the new content online? This blog looks at some ways of growing and managing a blog, to ensure that it is a successful one.

Blog with Success - Part 3

Never Stop. Ever

There is such a high requirement for consistency in blogging. You literally cannot drop the ball on it. Frequent and regular posting is absolutely key. I have said this a couple of times but it is worth mentioning again. Like all jobs, blogging can sometimes feel like a chore. Even if it is your calling in life, you may have a day when you just don’t feel like giving it your all. These are the days that are more important than ever to make sure that you post content. After all, you have to treat blogging as a job. It takes work, and sometimes frustration to get it right. So yep, pretty sure that sounds like work!

Cross Sell

We spoke about social media in previous posts, and we have no shame speaking about it again. Treat social media as your vehicle that carries your content to different audiences. Use as many platforms on social media that are relevant. The beauty of posting on social media, is that you are potentially exposing yourself to a gaggle of new readers. Scary hey! Social media can be seen as the egg, while your blogging platform is the chicken, but I reckon this way of thinking is fowl (I know, I am cringing at that pun too) in all seriousness though, think about it. Your blogging platform is fabulous, but it is only as good as its audience size. If people don’t know you are there, you have to go to them. Hello Facebook!

The Power of Sharing

So I am still on the social media arena, but I want to separately highlight the power of sharing. It is incredible how much traffic you can drive to your site by people clicking that share button. It is important to have a really snappy title; I don’t want to say click bait but you know what I mean. Headings that evoke some sort of emotion; even if that means anger, are bound to be clicked.

Partner Links

Partner links are another good way of driving some traffic to your site. Get prospecting, and contact some blogs or businesses that work in a similar space to you. Explain to them that there is a mutual benefit of sharing links. People tend to bite, when there is something in it for them!

Guest Post

Guest Posting on an established website, is a great way to get your name out there. By giving this brand new audience something amazing to read, you may be able to coax a few of them to visit your little ole site.

Share button

On your beautiful blog, you need to make sure that people can share your bloggie babies! Most blogging platforms allow you to install a share button, so make use of it!

So there you have it, our top tips to aid you in building your audience! We wish you well and as always would love to hear some feedback. We really hope you have enjoyed our wee 3 part crash course in blogging and we will be back next week with Google Analytics! This one is going to be a biggie.


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