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Blog To Basics

It’s all back to blogging basics in this blog. In this piece we will examine the importance of blogging for business and what is the essence of a good blog. Have I used the word blog enough yet? Didn’t think so.

Blog to Basics

Why is blogging a necessary business tool?

Most businesses have a website. Most businesses also have a website that has virtual cobwebs. Think about it; how often do you really update each page on your business website? Not very often I suspect. Blogging keeps your website current. By uploading a blog to your page, you are effectively updating your web pages, thus telling google you are still alive and kicking. This aids in your business being ranked by google, and enabling more people to find you.

In order to generate more traffic to your page, you need to get clicks. If people do not know about your business, they will not know your website right? In order to drive new traffic, you need to upload content that people will search for. Blogging is the best vehicle in which to achieve this. Creating content that pertains to your business requirements is the best way to find people that may need your service. Let’s use an example. Perhaps you own a gardening business called “Green Fingers”. While you may not necessarily draw in a new lead who types these exact words, you may attract traffic through helping gardeners with an age old problem. How about writing a blog entitled “What is the best fertiliser on the market?”. Your customer has stumbled across your website and never knew they were looking for you. This is the power of the blog. By creating regular, informative content, with a focus on SEO (without overstuffing), you are creating an army of loyal followers, who will begin to build a trust in your brand. You are the expert and you answer their questions. Hello new buyers!

What is the essence of a good blog?

A good blog is snappy and to the point. Most people do not set out to read business blogs, but rather query something in google. Thus, a longwinded affair is not going to win favour. Ensure it is well written, checked for grammatical and spelling errors, and most importantly relevant. While SEO is important, it should be tied in harmoniously with content that is useful for your audience. Resist the urge to stuff your blog with keywords, as readers will be put off. Keyword-overstuffing is a practice that some companies engage in and it does no favours in the long run. If you do not have a way with words, there are many options to outsource your blogging requirements. A quick search of copywriters will throw up a feast of options for you.

Choose wisely when it comes to uploading your blog. Friday afternoons and Monday mornings tend not to be the best times, as people tend to have their minds elsewhere.

Lastly, do not think that your blog is resigned to living between the pages of your website. Ensure that you have share options, such as social media plug ins. Have a Facebook page? Make sure you share the wealth! This offers as a wonderful 2-for-1 as it saves you having to create fresh content for your social media pages. If you distribute an e-newsletter, why not share the blog in it? If you do not want to use up valuable space, make sure and at least link the blog on it.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and we welcome any feedback or tips. What are your top blogging tips? Let us know.

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