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Blog Following – How To Increase It

Bloggers are creative folk right? They have a way with words; the ability to team diction together to form a nutritious piece of content that we hungrily digest with our eyes. However, in a free world of online blogging, there is a saturation of people using the web as a soapbox. With such a flooding of blogs and content, how can one even be sure they even have an audience? This article will look at some basic ways to build; and more pivotal, keep a keen following.

Blog Following - How to Increase it


Seems obvious. However, it is important to remember that there are a swathe of talented people in the online world writing about useless subjects. The content might be interesting to the writer, but is it meaningful to the audience; or even worse – Are there a million other people writing about the same thing? What can you offer that is different? Subject is a really important thing to consider when blogging. Are you really strong and knowledgeable on the topic? And, the real kicker; what value does it offer the consumer? There has to be meaning for the reader, in order to keep them coming back.


Why blog? What do you want to achieve? Are you trying to drive sales or offer a service? Ask yourself these questions before you begin to blog. It is so important that your content is unified and works together harmoniously. Maintaining consistency with your tone and subject will help breed reader trust. They will know what they are coming to your site for. Similarly, your blog could be completely left field with interesting random content. This can equally drive your audience to your page. Am I giving mixed messages here? Well no, not really. This approach is still consistent. Your audience knows to expect the unexpected from you. It is just about planning prior to writing. Make sure you know what path you want your blog to lead to, and what results you expect to garner.


Can your readers subscribe to your blog? If no, then why not? This is absolutely critical. In fact, not having a subscribe option could be the very reason your readers begin to drop off the radar. If they are getting emailed your content, it keeps you fresh in their mind. Don’t rely on your audience to come to you; you need to come straight to them!


Can they share your material? This is where social media plug- in’s come into the mix (I will discuss this further in a later blog). Sharing tools are absolutely imperative to foster growth.  Select carefully; where do you want and expect that you’re content will be shared? There is no point adding a Pinterest plugin, if the likelihood is that no-one will share to it. Ensure the share tools are visible on your page.

You scratch my back and I will scratch yours

Interactivity is key in building relationships with other bloggers and small business owners. It is as important to give other blogs time, as it is to give your own blog. Like and share posts, and more importantly comment on them. Intrigue is a great thing and people will be curious to know more about the person behind the intelligent thought provoking comments.

SEO – Get it right

We will delve deep into SEO in a separate post, but SEO is a large factor in how much you can grow your audience by browser search. Not only are the key words you choose important, but the sequence in how you place them and the time it takes for them to feature is just as vital. An example of this is the title of this post.  “Blog Following – How to increase it” is far powerful than “How to increase blog following”. This is based on the key words being “blog” and following”.

Keep it regular

I mention this in many of the posts that I have written, but I cannot say it enough. A scant blog is a lonely unhappy one. Any audience that you have will move on, if you do not regularly post content. Make sure to choose a time each day, or day each week to produce more content and upload it. This is a good way to organically build a following. While it might take some more time, loyalty certainly brings with it referral. Also, invite questions and comments. And ALWAYS answer any feedback, good OR bad. You know what they say; any press is good press.

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