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How To Tell If You Have a Bad Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is a good way to break the monotony of a blog, if you feel as a writer you have run out of sound ideas and need a fresh if not totally different opinion or want to inject a different experience with things, why not invite others to write as a guest blogger on your blog? It’s a win-win situation; you get to have a break from writing, your readers get introduced to someone new and your blog gets to feature a fresh view on the subject matter, maybe even a different subject matter altogether. Just don’t get any guest writer though, but let’s say you didn’t screen them well and you now have one or more of them already on board, how can you tell if they aren’t worth keeping? How to Tell if You Have a Bad Guest Blogger

Sloppy Writing

If you see the need edit a lot after you read his or her article prior to publishing (and you should read it first to avoid problems and possible conflicts of interest), you might have a problem on your hands. A poorly written article will not only make the guest writer look bad, it will also reflect poorly on your blog and choice of guest writers. If this happens once it might be advisable to give the guest blogger the benefit of the doubt; he or she might have been nervous, had little time to write or is just having a bad day. However, if this is a perennial problem then you have to do something about it. Doesn’t Meet Deadlines – Deadlines are an important rule a disciplined writer must follow. Nothing gets a publisher or blog owner reaching for the panic button more than receiving no article just short of the deadline. If you want to keep your readers interested remember that you have to keep your material constantly updated and on time too.

Contributes Less Frequently Than Agreed

Of course this will be subject to your agreement as to how often the guest writer will contribute to your blog. However, if he or she begs off from writing guest blogs more than should be reasonable you might soon have a problem to deal with.

Doesn’t Provide Links to Sources

Sure, your guest blogger might be able to pepper the article with the most amazing facts, the funniest anecdotes and the latest news, but it would help if he or she provided links to where the information was sourced. Readers will want to know more about something interesting, eye-catching or thought provoking and the links will tell them they are dealing with an individual who has researched his or her material with care.

Frequent lifting/plagiarizing

As writers it is understandable we borrow and get ideas from other writers and sources, but copying them word for word and sentence for sentence should not be allowed (note that there are exceptions like direct quotes, laws, cited biblical passages and other similar cases). It will not only make a blog look bad and give your readers the impression that the article was quickly and haphazardly cobbled together; it might also open you up to the possibility of a lawsuit.

Doesn’t Promote Your Blog

Guest writing often comes with a trade-off, in many cases mutual promotion of each other’s blogs. However, if your guest writer doesn’t promote your blog on his or her own blog (and you must read it to be sure), then it’s a poor partnership. If your guest writer shows one or two of these “symptoms” a little talk might prevent a small problem from getting bigger. However, if he or she has all the bad habits then perhaps it’s time you rethink your arrangement.   What are your thoughts on bad guest bloggers?


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