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9 Awesome Copy-writing Tips

Quality copy-writing is the cornerstone of any successful online business. copy-writing can be defined as writing copy for the purpose of marketing and advertising. In simple terms, great copy-writing equates to great sales. Unfortunately whilst many great business people have great ideas, their writing skills and ability to formulate good copy might not translate so well on their website. I have compiled a list of 9 awesome copy-writing tips to ensure that you are producing the best content to market your product/service without being confusing, misleading or even worse causing annoyance to your customer.


 1 Making headlines

A snappy headline that draws the reader in is imperative. The headline should contain some intrigue about the content, enough so to entice the client to read more but not be so vague that they simply skip over it. Let’s take a simple product like a hairbrush with a revolutionary feature that allows you to create curls.

A good headline might read – Get a cascade of curls with revolutionary new hairbrush

A bad headline could be – Get Magic Curls!

2 Honesty is the best policy

Customers do not like to be lied to. There is nothing worse than a web page full of sales jargon that makes false promises and outlandish claims. Be honest about your product/service. Display text that is concrete and meaningful. Customers are more likely to hand over money to a company that they have faith in.

3 Know your audience

Who is your product/service aimed at? Get to know your target group. Read their special interest magazines/ surf their web pages of interest. This will help you to gain momentum on the tone of the pieces that they gravitate towards and assist you in compiling quality content that suits YOUR customer.

4 Testimonials

Testimonials add meat to the bones of your content. In an age where we are increasingly using our voices via a viral platform, the reviews of our peers are extremely powerful. You just have to look at the success of Trip Advisor to appreciate this. A couple of good honest testimonials can really strengthen your website.

5 SEO copy-writing

SEO copy-writing has shifted from the archaic idea of stuffing web content with keywords in the hope of it climbing the google web pages to producing quality marketing material that organically earns a highly ranked place in its own right. SEO plays a fundamental role in the traffic to your site thus great copy-writing is the foundation of your success. Good honest well written information on your website teamed with a viable product/service will attract links from other companies.

6 Show us your digits

Random Fact – Numbers are enticing in a headline. To be more accurate, digits are the better seller. Example?

Ten reasons to stay fit

10 reasons to stay fit

While both titles are strong given the human attraction to numbers, the second is more appealing. Not sure of the science behind this but our eye is more drawn to the numerical version of this heading.

7 When in doubt check again

There is nothing worse than bad grammar and shoddy spelling. Check your content. Then check it again. Ask a friend to proof read. Being over cautious is totally necessary. There is nothing more unprofessional than grammatically incorrect content.

8 Do you know what you are talking about?

Apparently the average web page that features on googles first page has over 2000 words. Now I am not suggesting compiling some long winded article generous on words but skimping on the facts. This google fact tells us the average consumer craves information so if you know your stuff share it with them. Delve below the surface and give your client a juicy read which showcases your knowledge. But only if you know your stuff.

9 Share with the world

Social media has taken the world by storm. This is old news by now. Don’t miss out – make sure your content is linking to a multitude of social media platforms. Install plugins to ensuring the world is sharing your fantastic work.

What are your experiences with copy-writing? Feel free to share them below!

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