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8 Reasons to outsource your content marketing to a freelancer

Creating valuable and engaging content is essential to forming a relationship and trust with your potential customers. The key reason for this is to generate sales. But it’s not all about sales. Providing good content gives you the feel good factor by sharing what you know and helping people.

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8 Reasons to outsource your content to a freelancer

What is Content marketing?

If you don’t know what that is then you’re missing a big marketing trick

Put in its most basic terms, content marketing is a way of marketing through providing content online. There are many ways to do this the most popular are blogs, videos, and social media posts.

How does content marketing work?

Well to be truthful, it doesn’t do it in a way you might expect. It’s far more indirect and subtle than traditional advertising. By engaging with your audience through delivering content to them, you are becoming familiar with them. By answering their questions, inspiring and helping them they will begin to trust you. People buy from brands and businesses they trust.

Research tells us that the average person needs to come into contact with a brand roughly seven times before they consider buying. Creating valuable and engaging contact is a good way to do this. Four easy content strategies that will boost your sales are blogging, social media, email marketing, and guest blogging.

So now you know why content is important, you’re going to get tapping away and creating it – right? Except it’s not that easy. Which leads me on to why you should outsource your content to freelancer.

I get that it’s tempting to get the job of content done on the cheap. We all need to save a buck, but when you end up cutting corners on your content, you risk spending time, effort and money editing and rewriting it. Freelance writers aren’t expensive when you consider what they actually do. They’re well versed in how to create content that your audience will love as well as making sure it matches your business or personal style. A freelance writer will give you a fully edited piece that meets your specifications.

Here are the 8 top reasons to outsource your content creation to a freelance writer –


Running a business keeps you busy and it’s hard to find time to do everything. Time is your most precious commodity. Outsourcing your content to a professional freelancer allows you to concentrate on continuing to grow your business.


Freelance writers know the internet. they know how to search engine optimise your content to help with your rankings and traffic.


Maybe you just want a series or a project completed. You can pay for a one off corner piece, a series, a regular blog, or to populate your website pages and when you don’t want any more work done you just stop asking for it. No hassle

Strengthen your content marketing campaign

If you’re marketing a particular product or service, a freelance writer can help put together sales sequences, themed blogs or your sales page. They do this for a living, so they know how to deliver engaging and valuable content that your audience will love.

You can focus on running your business.

You might find that you have the time and the optimisation knowledge, but do you want to be focusing on writing when your time might be better invested in another area of your business.


Content marketing needs to be consistent. Once you’ve built an audience you should be keeping them engaged. A freelance writer will ensure your content is ready and delivered on time.

Cheaper than hiring a member of staff

Staff is expensive and there’s everything that comes with it such as pensions, tax, sick leave to name a few. You don’t need to worry about any of that with a freelancer.


Freelancers are creatives – they love coming up with ideas. They can help you brainstorm your content to keep it fresh.

Outsourcing your content to a freelancer will save you time, money and resources. If you have any questions about content, ask a freelancer, they’ll be more than happy to help.



Bio – Jodie is a freelance writer with a nerdy interest in websites and online business. She has a flare for B2B copywriting, content marketing and blogging and a regular hankering for banana cake. www.jodiecrook.com

8 Reasons to outsource your content to a freelancer

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