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6 Tips For Effective Blogging

So you think you’re already an expert at blogging? Perhaps you are, but it never hurts to know about practices that can improve your content, increase readership and draw more viewers to your blog.

Whether you have been into blogging for a while or are just starting out, here are some of the things that can help you become a more effective blogger. 

6 Tips for Effective Blogging

Use a Great Title for Your Blog

Readers will be able to tell if they want to read your blog by reading the title alone. If they see a title they aren’t interested in they will move on to the next blog. Make sure you have a catchy title that immediately appeals to the reader.

Don’t make your titles too long or too vague; compose the title with as less words as you can so the reader will immediately understand what your blog is about. Using lesser words actually has an advantage; your title can fit whole in any list whether this is viewed in Twitter, or via search engine and readers will be able to get the idea at a glance. 

Also, using numbers are great for titles. People love lists of things, so ‘5 Of So and So’ always reads well and people tend to share it.

Follow the “Speech is like a dress” Rule

There is that timeless joke that a good speech should like be a woman’s dress; it should be long enough to cover the vital parts, yet short enough to be interesting. Yes, this applies to blogs too.

No one wants to look at a solid, text block, in fact netizens have even coined the term TL,DR (too long, didn’t read) to voice how they feel when they see an intimidating block of solid text.

If you have to write a lengthy piece make sure you break it down into easy-to-read paragraphs made up of two or three sentences. Try this tool for help in writing an interesting article.

There is an added advantage to keeping blogs short; keep your blog under 120 characters and it can be Tweeted.

Make Your Blog Easy on the Eyes

While your article should be the main focus of the page, a little eye candy will not hurt either. In fact, it is the visual elements that attract the eye more than the text.

Photos, tables, graphics and other visual elements will not only make your blog prettier and give your readers an idea of what you are trying to convey, they can also make your text less daunting and tiring to look at by breaking them into different sections. See themeforest for great looking templates and designs.

Make Use of Free-To-Use Sites

There are sites that let you publish content free of charge. Sites like HubSpot or Squidoo are good, but also require a fair amount of technical knowledge. If you want sites that are easier to deal with (especially for newbies) there’s WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. 

Take Advantage of Social Media

Make it easier for readers to be able to share your blog by adding “share” buttons for the different social media sites. You might have to pay to have access to these buttons, but the rewards will be worth the cost. 

Make Sure Your Content is SEO-friendly

Welcome to the world of Google and Wikipedia. If people want to find something online they turn to the search engines, so make sure your blog comes up among the first of the millions of results the search engine provides. First page of Google search results, that should be your goal.

The best way to get noticed by search engines is to incorporate the relevant search terms into the title and body of your blog post. Just enough keywords will do, adding too much will make your blog look something like a paid advertisement.

You might be blogging, but are you effectively blogging? Many now consider blogging an art, with elements to consider and balance. Take your art form to the next level.


What are your thoughts on effective blogging?


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