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6 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

When it comes to using the Search Optimization strategy to drive traffic to your blog, there are dos and then there are don’ts. Not all practices are relevant anymore; even those some experienced bloggers still practice.

What are some of the SEO mistakes bloggers should avoid? Let’s take a look:

6 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

Using too Many Keywords

When just starting out, you’ll probably think the best way to get on top of a search list is too use the keyword as many times as you can in a blog. Wrong. This will not only make your blog look like a word search puzzle, it will also hurt your search rankings.

Use the keywords and naturally as you can. If you really want to rank for a bunch of keywords you can always make a separate page for each keyword and optimize for it accordingly. 

Making Content too Short

It is understandable that some writers do this at certain occasions so their followers can easily Tweet or share en toto what has been written, but do this too often and you will gain a reputation for being a lazy writer. It’s not just your reputation that will hurt; your page could also suffer in terms of SEO rankings.

You can produce a good piece for between 400 to 600 words, not too short to be considered a half-hearted attempt and not too long for readers who generally have a short attention span.

Settling for Free Hosting Blogs

Don’t get this wrong; getting free hosting is advisable when you are just starting out and don’t have much blogging experience yet. Setting up a blog with a free hosting site is generally easy and you don’t have to think about a lot of details. However, as your followers grow and your blog expands, it’s best to go for paid blog hosting sites.

What’s the advantage of a paid hosting site over a free one? Paid hosting sites offer more flexibility in terms of plans, add-ons, themes and other offers free hosting sites normally wouldn’t have. The more you want to personalize your site, and more features you want for it, the more you will realize a paid hosting plan is really the way to go.

Duplicating Content

In the desire to make their blog appear like it has a lot of articles, many bloggers are tempted to make variations of an already existing topic, they just top it with a differently worded title and rehash the content. Don’t do this; readers are smart enough to notice if they come across the same idea before, especially one they just recently read.

Buying Links

There is no doubt that your site will get a boost if you buy links. Paying for many links that will point to your website might seem like a good idea, but the risk here is that paid links are sometimes flagged by Google, and you better believe that they have the bots as well as a dedicated team assigned just to look for questionable linking patterns.

The safest way to build your websites links is still manually, that way there’s no way you can get in trouble with SEOs and Google’s algorithms.

Putting in Too Many Visual Elements

Yes, the visual elements do make a blog more appealing, things like photographs, tables, logos and charts, even bright colorful themes, have been proven to catch the eye. However, you should remember that the more elements there are on a page, the more time that page takes to load, especially if Flash animation is used. It will also take search engine bots longer to crawl through your pages.

The rule here is moderation; have just enough, not too much.

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