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5 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

 Internet has become the most used tool for finding information online. Google has emerged as the biggest library/yellow pages of our times. In most of the markets Google is the most visited website. Google’s market share is upwards of 80% in many countries such as U.S, U.K, and Germany and even in markets where they are not number 1 such as Russia, China, and South Korea Google occupies the position of second most used search engine.

5 Ways to Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Here are 5 tips for improving search engine rankings of your website:


  • Avoid building links very fast: Many people make the mistake of building as many links as possible in a short time period.  Most of the times this will result in a penalty from search engine. Remember that search engines want natural backlinks. And natural backlinks require time. So, slow down and keep your link velocity to an acceptable level.
  • Content is King: Content is king only if it’s quality content. In fact bad quality content can hurt your search rankings instead of improving them. So, review all the content which is posted on your website and the content used for link building must also be of similar quality. In addition to SEO content is also one of the most important factors in attracting visitors. If you have boring content then most probably visitors will start hitting the back button and this is going to increase your bounce rate in eyes of search engines. As a result you will discover that your search engine rankings have slipped.
  •  Relevant backlinks:  Having a million back-links from non-related sites is of no use. The easiest way to improve your search engine rankings is by building back-links which are from relevant sites. Instead of building thousands of back-links from non-relevant sites focus on do follow back-links from top sites in your industry. This can do wonders for your sites ranking.
  • Social Media: Social media has emerged as a deciding factor for search engine rankings during last few years. Regardless of what they say search engines have been monitoring social media indicators for their serp listings. After all it’s the audience who decides if content is good or not. Search engines monitor closely how many times a website’s content is being shared or liked across various social media platforms. Google has indicated that they incorporate Google Plus activity for determining a websites place in their organic search listings.
  • Diversify your Links: Most SEO professionals overlook this important point at the time of link building. Having similar kind of links to your website will flag you as a spammer in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Backlinks are of various types such as blog links, directory links, links from blog comments etc. Having too many links of similar kind can trigger a penalty and lower your serp rankings. So, try to have as many different kinds of backlinks as possible.

There are lots of other ways to improve your serp rankings but the above mentioned ones are often cited as the most important one and unfortunately are often ignored even by many seo professionals.


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